Monday, March 30, 2015

Well Being

I was in the mall in Port Charlotte this past weekend.  Shopping on a weekend is something I generally try to avoid, but I found myself nearby and I did have a couple of things I needed to purchase.

One of the things I needed was face cream. I like a moisture/sunscreen combination.

I think I already wrote about my darling grandson asking me a while ago, "Grandma, no offense, but did you know there is stuff you can buy that takes away wrinkles?"

Well, I don't believe there is such a magical substance, but there are creams and serums that slough off dry skin and brighten and even tone a little bit.  I try to do what I can do in my low maintenance kind of way.

Within reason.  This stuff sounds really good.  And the sales staff will rave about it.  But they don't have the price tag displayed like they do online.

I did try to make a deal--if I bought it and my grandson did not notice a difference I would get my money back.  Alas, I am not such a skilled negotiator. No deal.

The product line also includes potions that are unique for every area of the body and every little thing you could possibly think to worry about, right down to the gunk in your pores.

There is a magnetic mud mask that says right on the package "essential for proper skin care and for your spiritual well being."   The emphasis is mine, but the words were on the box.  Now even at 200 bucks, that is a bargain!


  1. Oh my. Your wicked sense of humor is showing. I wonder if there is a special potion for laugh lines.

  2. My daughter has sent me wrinkle creams, but I don't think it's done anything at all. Sigh... I wish it would.

  3. Amazing how people are willing to pay for wishful thinking in a jar. Everyone wants to look younger, be more beautiful and feel better and the marketing experts sells us that promise every single day.

  4. I used to buy night cream and moisturizer. But now I find that washing my face every 2 days with ivory soap and warm water is better. If you have dry skin, don't wash your face every day. I prefer to let my natural oils on my face moisturize my face. No need for night cream or moisturizer. However, you must not wear make up either.

  5. How funny what your grandson said. He must have caused new laugh lines to show up.
    I have given up on my wrinkles that have morphed into trenches. I just consider them road maps of my life--- very easy to follow maps of a non-boring life. My story and am sticking to it.

  6. I moisturize every day, but I find my spiritual well being elsewhere. It's crazy how expensive some of that stuff is!

  7. I don't keep my face moisturized like I should. I had a great facial recently, thanks to Groupon, and the difference was so amazing. I really felt bad that I didn't do just a little bit more than soap and water. I'm going to try to improve on that.

  8. "Forgive me father for I have sinned."

    "For your penitence my child, apply the magnetic mud mask until you sins and pores have been washed clean."

    Imagine what the cucumber slices will do.

  9. OMG - $500? I actually went back to double check that I read it right! I love the line "be the first to review this product" because no one as yet is stupid enough to buy it!

  10. Oh my, snake oil salesman still exist. I do moisture because I live in a climate that is very dry but I tend to use something much less expensive and recommended by Ms. Aniston - Aveeno. I've been using it for a long time, long before she became the spokesperson.

    As for wrinkles I agree with Patti, they are a road map of my life and if I took a wrong turn or two along the way, oh well. Your grandson is a character!

  11. Olga, My grandson was just reading me weird facts - did you know that snail slime softens skin? Now I'm on the look-out for snails!

  12. Out of the mouths of babes! The power of advertising!!!


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