Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cool Saturday

It was slightly cool today, but such a beautiful day...and no snow in sight so I am not complaining at all.

I went to a craft fair.  There are many craft fairs in Venice, usually held in the downtown area where streets are blocked off, the parking is somewhat difficult, and the crowds are overwhelming.

This fair was set up in one of the parks and it was such a pleasant experience.  Pleasant for me since the crowd was small.  This was a first time event, so the word has not gotten out yet. It probably wasn't so pleasant for the vendors.  I did my best to help them out though.
 I am such a nice person that way.

I bought this sail boat hanging made from Florida scrap wood.  I thought it was pretty whimsical and it looks nice in the office/TV room.

Showing the three dimensional aspect a little better here.
Dry Dock Art has a Facebook page where more of their work is on view.

I plan to hand this Welcome plaque by the door. 
I bought a couple of the candle holders for gifts.

And my favorite:
This guy was selling these has the coolest shoes!  But it was this purse that kept calling my name.


  1. Can I take a guess that blue is your favorite color? I bought a blue sweater today. I like street fairs - so many crafty people.

  2. You are a patriot to help the American economy by purchasing from small business craftspeople!

  3. I love craft fairs. You made some nice purchases. I often pick things up and tuck them away for Christmas during the summer at fairs!

  4. I love the handbag! Good for you for stimulating our economy.

  5. You did help out! Gorgeous things and perfect for your Florida life.

  6. Love, love, love that bag, too!!!!

  7. I heart that purse! I followed the link to their website, and the SHOES!!! Beautiful! Fun!
    I'm on a mission to buy locally grown/dyed yarn. It's beautiful stuff. Expensive, but absolutely OOAK!

  8. Isn't that fun?! I anticipate markets and fairs, but we're pretty cold!!!!

  9. Love the 3D sailboat and (at the risk of my manhood) the purse. It looks like you did well at the fair.

  10. You scored quite well and boosted the economy also. I love craft fairs that are true like that one was and not just warehouses for manufactured junk from another country. That sail boat is really clever.

  11. I love all your purchases. That sailboat is great!

  12. LOVE the purse! What a nice way to spend a Saturday.

  13. You had me laughing at you did your best to help them out. I know they love customers like you. I love everything you purchased would of been hard not buy what you found. That purse though would of been too hard to pass up. Is that a Mola on it. I love Mola's and have been wanting to make a bag out of mine.
    Glad your having fun times in warmer weather. I can't complain too much about ours but it did turn cold again the last few days. So back to the coats and scarfs but at least no snow.
    Take care

  14. I have to stay away from craft fairs because I'm trying to downsize too. Sigh... They do call to me though.


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