Sunday, January 18, 2015

My walk on the beach leaves me in a bad mood...

Okay.  I know I make fun of signs and silly rules and regulations.

There is something about posting rules for things that should be common sense or matters of simple human curtesy that raises my hackles.

Maybe it was coming of age in the 60's when authority was to be challenges and those over thirty not to be trusted.

But, you know what is worse?  The lack of common sense and simple curtesy to self, others, and the world we live in.

There has been an incredible amount of beach erosion in the past year.  And there are plenty of signs asking beach goers to PLEASE, please stay off the fragile dunes.  And yet, right next to the board walk over the dunes:

This picture doesn't even capture how deep the rut in the dune actually is--all worn down in the past year.

Now I am not saying that there should be a law enforced by the police department handing out tickets and hefty fines.  But why can't people have more respect for the earth?

People who leave food and drink containers or poopy diapers on the beach should be arrested though.  Seriously.

And then someone told me that I really needed to color my hair...RED!



  1. Hmmmm. It reminds me of the Private Property, Keep Out signs a new beach house owner posted along the right of way that all of the rest of us use to get access to the beach on Whidbey Island. Kinda' makes me mad every time I see it.
    But if we want to be able to enjoy our time on the beach, we have to overlook those things we have no power to control.
    There is a grocery store with a deli here in our neighborhood,and that means people buy food, eat it while walking and then just drop their trash all along the street. It makes me so mad, but when I am doing my aerobic walking I don't want to stop and collect other people's litter. I am thinking I might start my own litter patrol though, and go out for a second slow walk armed with rubber gloves and a trash bag. I'll deposit it in the store's trash.

  2. I know just what you mean! I see fast food containers left right on the sidewalk where I live. It's so irritating. They say there are tons of cigarette butts on the beach too.

    By the way, I love your gorgeous silver hair.

  3. Several years ago a historic bridge in our area was flooded out. It was a favorite fishing hole of many locals and even with signs posted and the flood waters still flowing rapidly over the crumbling bridge, people were fishing. Not even a visit from our County Commissioner to the bridge could lure them to safety. Thankfully no one was harmed or killed.

  4. Laziness and ignorance seem to be the call of the day with a large number of people. Not sure why their parents never told them to respect the earth, their neighborhood and other peoples property. Personally I am all for policemen giving them a fine!

  5. Don't you touch your hair. Women spend a ton of money trying to get that exact shade.
    You ought to be scuba diving in 60 feet of water and see beer cans on the ocean floor. Garbage on a beach is just prosecution worthy. Florida is notoriously bad for litter. We natives use to blame the tourists that didn't have a vested interest in the state.

  6. I am letting my hair turn grey and then white. Let me age gracefully.
    As for common sense, yeah, I understand.

  7. Again Blogger has dropped my comment like litter on the beach. I have to remember to copy the comment before clicking publish.

    I believe you can triangulate the location all McDonalds (others as well but McDonalds seem to have more identifiable liter) by noting the point one Big Mac and medium fries away on the road. Draw lines across two points, then two more points, and two more. The area contained by the three intersecting lines will no doubt have a McDonalds. Is that much harder to take it home and dispose of it properly?

  8. I love your hair Olga.....although you'd be pretty with red hair too...but I wouldn't change it if I were you. I saw a woman cleaning out her car by dropping all the trash in the parking lot. It just infuriated me so I took my car trash bag over and started picking up her mess as she was dropping it out of the car. All I got was a nasty look for my effort!

  9. I vote that you leave your hair to nature. It's beautiful just the way it is, and it's clearly The Way You Are Supposed To Look. And red??? Really truly, almost nobody (especially women who are old enough to know better) looks good in any shade of red hair. Would that it were otherwise, but . . . no.

    The poopy diapers most assuredly must violate some health law....? But how would the enforcers ever find the ones who left them? It's saddening, as much as it is disgusting, that people just . . . corrode the whole world.

    1. People whose hair is naturally red look good in red hair . . . is what I meant to say.

  10. Who told you to dye your hair red? Really, who would do that?

    I agree with you on the lack of respect that is everywhere these days. Why is that people don't respect the earth? Just tonight, as my hubby and I took our walk, I heard a loud noise and looked up to see a couple of young people sitting on top of the sandstone rocks that are all over our area. They are treasure, and quite fragile. Ok, we used to climb them as kids too, but these kids were hitting the rock with other rocks hard enough to damage it. You can imagine how this cause the teacher in me to react.

  11. Sadly, many people are just rude and inconsiderate and feel it is up to the rest of us to clean up after them. I was on a rampage yesterday at the gym. They have a bowl of super miniature Tootsie Rolls at the desk and the parking lot is just covered in wrappers. How Rude! I just don't get people sometimes...

  12. I just had my fair coloured! Red! Yes, I get it. Such disrespect for the environment.

  13. Don't dye your hair , for Heaven's sake ! You don't want to look like all the other over-50s who've gone red .
    Stay a stand-out silver !!

  14. Common sense is extinct. I love your hair just as it is. You have great natural waves.


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