Saturday, December 20, 2014

North Carolina

My brother, his wife, their three dogs (lost two of the five in the past year), the two donkeys, and the dozen or so chickens spend six months in Vermont and six months in North Carolina.  They all travel together bak and forth.

The have what I call hobby houses in both places--old houses that need restoration--and they do restore rather than renovate.

Their NC place is a former tobacco farm.

The original farm house.

A tobacco drying barn.

Original farm house and "new" house (white building).

The summer kitchen with new chimney.


We did venture into the Raleigh-Durham urban area to check out the NC Museum of Art.

My brother and sister in law.

It was good to see their winter place for the first time.  Then on to Mike's daughter's in South Carolina.


  1. Ther'ain' no SNOW thar!
    You done gone back in TIME!

  2. Wow, neat old place! Part of me thinks that it would be cool to go restore the buildings as a hobby. The larger part of me is too lazy though. Must be an interesting trip with the animals back and forth.

  3. What an interesting old place. I applaud their work in restoring old places. I myself am too hooked on modern convenience.

  4. I think that's wonderful... the restoring of the old houses and the traveling back and forth! It certainly would make life interesting.

  5. Wow, what neat old buildings. I see a future tourist attraction there. Those donkeys are adorable.

  6. Ambitious project, but . . . so cool!

  7. What a great idea! I wonder how the animals like the commute.

  8. I would have a hard time doing what they do.

  9. What a cool place! I'm not sure I could live their but I would love to visit it! Enjoy the rest of the trip.


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