Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grand Weekend

The grandchildren have spent the weekend, plus Monday and Tuesday, at grandma's house.

It is not always easy to entertain both a 13 year old girl and a seven year old boy at the same time.  Granddaughter would spend all kinds of time with me if it involved my trailing her through the mall with a credit card always at the ready. Grandson wants nothing to do with going into stores for any reason.

I think it was being traumatized at a young age.  He happily agreed to go to Plateau's Closet with his sister one time only to suffer severe disappointment at not finding the stash of PlayDough he was certain was the purpose of such a place.

Grandson is happy to play games, do crafty projects, read stories, take walks, watch movies, and (best of all) listen to grandma's stories in the "Dane Adventure Series."  As long as he is the center of my attention, he is pretty content.

Uncle Kevin brought Dane a box of cardboard tubes from his job at the coffee roaster a couple of years ago.  Timeless toys.  This trip they they became a military installation with tanks and mortars.

I especially liked the expressions on the soldiers' faces.  This is serious business.

Taking a break (grandma's break time)

Selfies expert.


  1. Funny story about the playdough.
    I love that creative age that your grandson is still in. My grands are sadly leaving that behind in favor of electronics.

  2. Yes someh kids just hate shopping. My youngest daughter was that way.
    Glad you had some time out too:)

  3. My granddaughter will turn 7 on Friday. She is big sister to my 4 yr old grandson and tends to be bossy. Lol.

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  5. Aren't grandchildren such a blessing?

  6. I also have quite a range in age with the grands - the oldest are 11, and Sam just turned 2. All of mine are still young enough to enjoy play, though I know that time is growing shorter as the twins near puberty. Both my granddaughters would shop 'til they drop. Not so much the grandsons!

  7. Is that picture really your 13 year old?! She does not look 13! At 10 -- I can still keep Amara's attention most of the time but it is fading fast!

  8. Your granddaughter is really quite lovely. You had best get her autograph now. Your grandson does sound like he would be fun to hang out with though. Such a creative fellow with a variety of interests.

  9. Well Dane and I are cut from the same cloth regarding shopping. Cool game with the tubes.

  10. We just returned our two little grandies after a week's visit! At 2 and 4, they keep us on our toes! They, too, enjoy playing with found objects and old-fashioned favorites like wooden blocks and Legos. We baked, crafted, and enjoyed nature. We unplugged for a week and loved it!!

  11. Ours visited for hubby's birthday. Good time had by all. They are still young, 4 and 6. They had to go home early as Jofee had a birthday party to go to! They get so busy!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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