Saturday, November 22, 2014


According to a piece I read on Yahoo's news feed, Vermont in the fifth "booziest" state in the nation.  It comes in behind Montana, Alaska, Colorado, and #1 Oregon.

It appears that Vermont is noted for the number of craft breweries per unit of population.  I am not a beer drinker, but I do know about Magic Hat,  Otter Creek, Harpoon, and Long Trail. There are others that I have not heard about as well.  One--Alchemist Heady Topper--is so rare and, therefore, coveted that there is apparently a black market dealing in it.

I guess I am missing out on one of the finer points of being a Vermonter.


  1. I thought Vermont was famous for its maple syrup, which we buy at Costco.
    But, beer? Lol.

  2. I thought California had the beer market cornered. Unless it is with Mexican food I am not a big beer drinker. Probably good for the waist line!

  3. I see I'm just ahead of you on the list, Olga - not a beer drinker either, but I know there are a lot of micro breweries in CO - not mention Coors.Happy Thanksgiving, Olga!

  4. How funny! When I think of your gorgeous state Beer never comes to mind. Leaf peeping, snow, maple syrup and so on.
    I am surprised though not to find Texas on this list. So many hole in the walls and dance halls here that beer is their choice of drink.
    I have thought of you often and have truly missed coming by here. I am looking forward to having a new laptop and visiting by blogging buddies again.
    I thought you might be in Florida where it is a lot warmer. I hope your taking care of you and I will catch up with you while I am here.
    Sending you much love and wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you on that day.

  5. It surprises me that Colorado is #3. It doesn't surprise me that Oklahoma doesn't make the list. Middle of the Bible Belt you know.

  6. I too would think of Maple Syrup rather than beer for Vermont... and that Texas would be higher on the list too. As for myself, I'm not a beer drinker either, but I have to admit that I do like Guiness!

  7. The winters are long in Vermont. People need hobbies. Making beer takes a nice long time. It makes sense.
    Around here, as well, there is a surge in microbrewery startup. The advertising for some of them is as much fun as drinking the stuff. More fun, for me, since I no longer indulge.

  8. Beer and maple syrup. Alas I indulge in neither. I can't see wasting calories on such items when there are industrially manufactured salad dressings and chocolate to consume.

  9. I think of syrup, leaves, lovely white churches in the center of towns...never have though of beer.

  10. Use to be a beer drinker and that would have been a sought after status. Now days I live in a dry county and kind of like it. I would never have picked Vt. to have that dubious honor.

  11. You've just given me another good reason to visit Vermont!


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