Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walking Tour

Sunday was a beautiful day.  I decided I would combine my walk with a tour of downtown Burlington with camera in hand.

Bank St.

Window box.
No frost here yet.

Reminder that it is a city.

A place with a view.

Lake Champlain

I stopped for a little shopping--
must support the local economy, yes?

It's not just for Halloween.
The flying monkeys are always atop the water department building.


  1. Are those condominiums? Nice design!

    Flying monkeys on the water department building.....
    In Small Pond, the flying monkeys get elected every two years.

  2. It was great to see Burlington again. I stayed at the Inn there once when a friend and I were biking through VT. Monkeys at the water dept? I'm wondering what that story is!

  3. Your city is lovely, Thanks for sharing. You'll have to tell us the story of the monkeys and the water dept!!

  4. A few years ago we crossed Lake Champlain on a ferry from New York, on our way back to our timeshare in Stowe. I thought Burlington would be a fabulous place to spend some time.

  5. Those flying monkeys are COOL! Thank you for the tour a I know I will never get to take that walk myself. It is beautiful.

  6. Lovely photos!
    I wish I had such an elegant house to live in -- with a view no less!

  7. I enjoyed taking that walk vicariously! Maybe the city could start a mural arts project to discourage the graffiti! Love those flying monkeys!

  8. That last photo really caught my imagination. Why are those monkeys up there?

  9. The photos are so lovely! I especially like the ones by the lake - water is so peaceful and calming.

    Enjoy your week!

  10. I have been through your town but now realize I should have taken my time. Lovely old building but that flying monkey is a bit scary. You really have the best of all worlds commuting from VT to Fla.

  11. I liked seeing the photos of your town. We crossed Lake Champlain a few years ago and just drove through Burlington on our way to see our friends who live about four hours from you. I would have liked to explore Burlington more, but we did not have the time.

  12. Lake Champlain photo is so beautiful! Now, give us the story on the monkeys please!


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