Monday, July 7, 2014

Fishing Pier and Alligators

I took Dane to Sharky's  and the fishing pier yesterday.  He really wanted to do some fishing.  There were poles for rent and bait to be had on the pier, but the discussions stalled over who would be responsible for actually putting the bait on the hook.  I didn't see anyone actually catching a fish anyway.

This guy kept vigilant watch over everyone's bait buckets.  Any faltering and he would have been all over us.  No fishing for Dane.  That's not a grandma thing.

When we first got to Sharky's, Dane's comment was, "OH, wow!  I have waited my whole life to see a place like this!"  Seven long years...

We took a trip to the Myakka River State Park just to see some alligators.  We were not disappointed.
The view from the top of the canopy walk tower.

The gators lolling around.

This guy was mighty impressive in size.
(I have a zoom lens, we were not really close.)

And grand daughter is along on this vacation!


  1. You are really a fab grandma! A great final photo showing brotherly love!

  2. I like how the fishing dilemma was settled. You are one smart grandma. I really got a kick out of Dane's comment. Grandma, you are showing them a great time.

  3. Who needs fishing when you can see gators!

  4. I have walked Myaka several times and seen many gaters...we saw probably 50 when we went canoeing there!!

  5. Don't blame you. I hated stabbing then drowning some innocent creature in hopes of ripping the lip off a fish. Watching is much more fun.
    Always loved Myakka Park but don't miss the gators, especially in a kayak.

  6. Dane's comment about waiting his whole life for this made me laugh. My gosh! Wait til he is 68 like me! Lol.
    Loved your photos in your previous post. Looks like you and grandkids are having a great time in Florida.

  7. You're giving your grands such a fantastic vacation. I know they'll remember it fondly -- or at least until Dane is eight!!

  8. What a wonderful day! I really do love that last picture -- sibling love!

  9. No fishing? The hook part isn't as messy as cleaning the catch but that is an awesome lesson!
    Gators looked scary.

  10. Good for you for sticking to your principles!


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