Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drummers Circle

I have heard of this but have never actually attended the Drummers' Circle on Nokomis Beach.  We went on Saturday night and it was fun!

Of course, I had tried to convince Dane to get his haircut because his bangs hang in his eyes, but he wants his hair to grow so he can have "headlocks" like Ziggy Marley.  Natural perhaps that we should enjoy the music and dancing on the beach.  We did notice the thickening clouds and headed out early though--a wise decision as it turned out.

He made a sand and palm stem instrument.

Lightening and thunder followed in short order.


  1. So - Dane wants Rasta hair? Just rub a bit of sand onto his head and let him sleep on it for two weeks - that should get the mats going. Are you still having fun?

  2. How great that you had fun and got away before the storm.

  3. Cool event. Too bad about the rain. Did you do the hoola hoop thing?

    1. Sadly, I left my hula hoop about the age of nine.

  4. Like that pic of the sun setting on the beach...

  5. Maybe all that drumming brought on the rain. Maybe they should do that out west.
    Been a while here for the hula hoop also. Not sure I could keep one up.

  6. Interesting. This is nothing like what I imagined a Drummers Circle to be like. My sister goes often in Michigan and I don't know what I expected but not the crowds I guess. Glad you got to experience it and didn't get rained on!

  7. The hoop brought back memories. What fun the drumming event must have been,


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