Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aquarium and Another Beach

The Mote Museum and Marine Education Center in Sarasota was our entertainment for today.  It was interesting, educational, and entertaining as well.

I really tried to get my granddaughter to kiss the frog so I could post the picture on Facebook, but she declined.

Do you think seeing all the strange and curious creatures that inhabit the ocean dissuaded them from a trip to the beach?  No!

We went to Siesta Key because we were in Sarasota anyway and it is supposed to be one of the top ten beaches in the U.S. so why miss it.  It is beautiful white sand, but we all agreed we liked Nokomis Beach better.  SHHhh! Don't tell anyone--let the crowds continue to go to Siesta.
Random strangers...the picture of the kids did not take.
The sand is a baby powder white.


  1. The sea really does hold strange looking creatures. Glad you're having a good time with the grands!!!!

  2. What a perfect beach. You are really having fun. A day at the aquarium sound perfect.

  3. Grandma time seems to be going well. I hope you re having fun too.

  4. Mote marine is a great lab and museum. Love this area of Florida.

  5. I love to visit aquariums, too. There's one here in Waikiki as well as at Sea Life Park. I also saw one in Monterey, California. All very beautiful and interesting.

    1. I have been to the Monterey aquarium, too. That is a good one.

  6. It was all the fascinating sea creatures and Jacques Cousteau that made me want to become a marine biologist. One dose of "Jaws" made me change my major.
    Love those sea horses. They are so cute.

  7. I loved seeing all those creatures. So glad you and the grands are having fun!

  8. They have a newer one in California now -- not sure how long it has been open but it continues to grow and become better every day. Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific -- you must come visit!

  9. I'm thinking the grandkids are having a wonderful time! How could they not with excursions, beaches, and pools. You're making memories with them, they will never forget.

    Enjoy your wine!


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