Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not again

It does not seem to fail that something happens to compromise my credit card when I am in Florida.  That means the hassle of closing it out and then waiting for a new one to arrive.  Then there is the hassle of activating a new card from my home phone when I am 1500+ miles away from that phone.

It is a good thing sometimes to be tracked, though, creepy as it is.  Someone--more likely a nameless computer program--noticed that a $475 charge for make-up and beauty products popped up on my account.  A $47.50 dollar charge might have caused a minor blip, but the larger amount really deserved to set off alarms.  I tend to put everything on my charge card, pay it off once a month, and then use my points for something fun or frivolous.  Out of all those monthly expenses that go on the card, pretty darn little goes for make-up.

Of course, if the nameless computer had been able to see my damaged face from a month ago, it might not thought anything amiss with my ordering a boatload of make-up/beauty products.


It has gotten much better.

By the way, I don't think badly of my Florida dentist.  She has not been the first dentist to suggest that I fix my overbite and raggedy teeth.  The dentist who took out my wisdom teeth many years ago proposed surgery that would involve breaking my jaw and resetting it.  Invisalign sounds good in comparison.  I'm not doing it...didn't have my jaw broken either.  But if you happen to be a dental professional, you are going to notice it.

We did have a Homeowners Association meeting two weeks ago here.  The guest speaker had all kinds of information on protecting one's self from scams and identity theft.  I was afraid to unlock my door and go out for two days, but now I worry that I have been careless with shopping and swiping.  It's always something.


  1. I have been getting comments about how good I look now that my face is almost fully healed from my face plant. I guess it helps to have the contrast :-)
    I had to chuckle at another of our similarities. I can't remember when I last bought any make up, unless you call Chapstick makeup.
    We've also had credit card security issues, and have had our cards pulled at inconvenient times, like in the middle of a trip. But we have never had suspicious charges made with our cards. Good luck with wading through this. Such a pain!.

  2. Ah, you are back to your lovely self again. How awful about your credit card. Must be Florida. My sister is always having weird stuff happen to hers and has to cancel and reactivate a new one.

  3. You're right. It's always something!

  4. There are so many scams that it is hard to keep up with them all. The special on the news the other night was the one ring call and hang up. If you call back the number on your caller ID you will reach an International number that will immediately begin charging you $20 per minute. With a phone scam it is best to let them leave a voice mail and if they choose not to, then you should choose not to worry. My poor sister cannot stand not knowing who tried to call her. It drives me crazy when she attempts to find out who called.

    And, by the way, you do look marvelous, simply marvelous!

  5. You healed beautifully. I'm sure you probably have some residual pain, but you look well. I, too, worry about these frauds, but I try to only use a card when necessary. For online purchases, I get a prepaid gift card.

  6. I'm always glad that somebody out there is checking to make sure there is nothing amiss on our credit card. It's a scary time.

    Your face looks much better! I'm so relieved. Your overbite isn't half as bad as my underbite was. I was a class C malocclusion and had braces for years. Then my kids orthodontist said I should have something done while my school insurance could cover it.

  7. Since Target, Best Buy(?) and bunch of others have been hacked and data stolen, you are not along. I have been checking all of my bills carefully for quite some time.

  8. You are healing up very nicely! SO glad! As for the credit card issue -- it is almost to the point I only want to use cash when I'm shopping! The Target issue was a nightmare for a lot of people. Sorry you're having to deal with the problem -- again.

  9. Gee, what a nightmare with the credit card. I hate it when that happens, and it has happened to us a couple of times. Take care, Olga.

  10. Well - sure glad you didn't fall again! We (or I should say Bob) check our statements on-line periodically. Luckily, we haven't had any major problems though the credit card company called a couple years ago with a suspicious charge to a tropical isle. Unfortunately, it wasn't us! Our card wasn't charged.

  11. Glad to see you looking so much better! You have a beautiful smile just like it is and beautiful blue eyes. I had a credit card thing just like that once. I forgot what they bought but I too was glad the computer thought something was up. Now I want to just use cash but worry I will get my purse snatched! It is always something!

  12. Looks like you had quite journey on your way to recovery. It's true; you don't really need most of these cosmetic products, especially if you want immediate results. Though it does help with covering up while you're in the process of healing.

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