Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maxine Barritt Park

It has been a few years since the city of Venice turned a desolate looking waste water treatment site into a lovely park area.

I took a walk around with camera in hand.

 The park is located between the Venice fishing pier and the Paw Park.

You can see that it was a gorgeous day for such a walk.

 Don't hate me because I say winter is my favorite season.

I didn't happen to spot an alligator this time.


  1. Ok, I do love changing seasons but sometimes they don't change quick enough. Yep that does look great about now. Enjoy and please continue to tease us. It gives us hope.

  2. Lovely. Looks like Hawaii, except for the alligator signs. Lol.

  3. Winter is a great season, especially if there is some white stuff - but make it short! This year's winter has been way too long and cold.

  4. Beautiful! I can see why you love winter. Ummm, do you ever see alligators on your walks? I would be terrified.

    1. I do see alligators sometimes--mostly on golf courses.

  5. Such a beautiful area. I can see why you like to winter there.

  6. Beautiful! I am always surprised by how quiet the ocean is there compared to the huge waves on the beach at the Pacific -- plus your water is so much bluer! Pretty!

  7. Winter? what winter? But then that's exactly why you are there rather than up north. It's good to see you enjoying yourself.

  8. If...no make that when my winter looks like that I'll like it too. What a beautiful park!

  9. Alligators? Yikes! This really is a beautiful spot.


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