Sunday, December 29, 2013

It has been a fairly rainy Sunday, but since I planted some parsley and some rosemary the other day I am happy to have them watered.  I had thyme planted, but I think the woman I hired to weed  took it all out.  I will definitely plant more though...and leave better instructions next time.  Thyme is my favorite but I believe all herbs are very healthy additions to meals.

I was glad to have a sheltered spot for reading on the lanai.

Between the morning showers and the afternoon showers, I was able to get out for a bit of an exercise walk.  I stopped to enjoy some flowers.

This guy has Christmas decorations all locked up.  I am going to have to take quick cruise by here at night to see this in action.  I am intrigued by the roller coaster thing.

Well, I have no idea what I did to my finger.  It doesn't hurt, but it looks kind of funny:

Actually, it hurts if I look at it too long.  I know that's in my head, but it does look like it should hurt.


  1. Looks like a bug bite or perhaps some fiberglass has gotten beneath your skin. Keep a good eye on it to make sure it does not get a fever and does not spread.

  2. I would love to plant cilantro, which I use in my cooking frequently. However, I hate the sight of slugs, which are attracted to vegetables. So I continue to buy veggies from the store.

  3. I had to think twice when I read you had planted herbs. I pictured snow and frozen ground. And then I remembered "Oh, that's right! She's in Florida!'. I use herbs a lot in cooking.
    Enjoy the flowers and keep watch over that finger.

  4. OH my your poor finger does look like it should hurt and badly. I wonder what you did do to it. It looks like it is sprang-ed. Hope by in the morning it looks and feels better.
    I have been keeping my fingers crossed I don't loose my rosemary to all of our cold. The plant is so big and pretty and I love using it. My other herbs are gone but hopefully in spring I can replant some.
    Thinking of you. I have missed blogging but my computer is seen its last days so I must break down and buy a new one.
    Sending you wishes for a very Happy New Year.

  5. Oh my goodness! That finger doesn't look kind of funny, it likes kind of SORE! I can't imagine what happened that you did not notice at the time. Reminds me one time when I had a huge bruise on my back that I truly had no idea how it got there. I will blog about that some time. l love your reading nook. :)

  6. Oh dear... That finger just doesn't look right. Don't you think you should have it looked at? That's worrisome.
    I do love that purple flower you took a photo of. I think my brother planted some thyme in our garden, but I don't think it's doing all that well.

  7. Tabor has good advice. Do take care.
    Had to laugh at the over zealous helper you hired. Reminds me of my first job which was to weed a rock garden. When I was through, there were only rocks left.

  8. My favorite herb is basil - love the smell and do use it in cooking... or salads or sandwiches. I use thyme also... but it hasn't really done well in my hanging baskets. May be that it gets too hot in the Texas sun.

  9. Your poor finger does look very tender. Maybe a spider bite or something? One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to grow and use more fresh herbs. I'm in southern California -- I have no excuse I have just never done it! 2014 will be my year of fresh herbs!


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