Sunday, November 24, 2013

Light oak cabinets are so the 90's. So I am staining them with Java gel. Why I start these projects is beyond me. I wish someone would save me from myself!

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday.  It was day #2 of my project.  All the cabinets are washed and lightly sanded and about a third of the them have the first coat of the new stain on.  This should take me at least two weeks to complete.  This of course means two weeks of major mess and disruption.  I am trying my hardest to pace myself because if I keep pushing, I will end up with a mess.  
I am trying to "enjoy" the process.  That was the advice from my major handy-with-home-decoration neighbor.

My plan is to repaint the kitchen and the bathroom when the cabinets are finished.  We shall see how long the steam lasts.

I really have been wanting to update the kitchen in a minor way for some time.  And, although I have painted both the kitchen and bath fairly recently, I have never been happy with my color choices.  

The wind is howling outside today.  I do have to go out later, but right now I am kind of happy to have a project that is keeping me inside but busy.


  1. Those are going to look so good! I wish I had the confidence to do my own! That would look great in my kitchen. Have fun!

  2. That looks really nice. You are so much braver than I. I'm impressed with your progress.

  3. I would most likely say, "Well, that would be a good project for next summer." I commend you!

    1. I am a lot of things, but a procrastinator is not one of them. You never found me up all night writing that term paper due tomorrow.

  4. Waiting to see your wonderful kitchen....

  5. Not a crafty decorator or re-modeler bone in my body so I don't have a clue what you are doing but I know it is a big job and I applaud you for taking it on. You go girl!!!

  6. Your handy man neighbor is so right. When we worked, we had to cram projects like this into a week end. You now have the luxury to tackle it slowly and with care. Looking good so far and a great indoor project. Sure beats cleaning a clean house on nasty days.

  7. You have so much energy. Do take care and don't over-do things.

  8. Your going to love your new kitchen. What a challenge though doing all of those cabinets but they are going to be awesome.
    Take your time and do enjoy it because it will make the project a lot more enjoyable.
    This advice is coming from someone who needs to take her own advice. haha
    Honey I think of you often and wish we lived closer.
    Take care and Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Wow! Good for you! I think I could overlook the "so the 90s" cabinets for a long, long time.
    I do like the darker stain, though. I like that a lot!

  10. Funny...we have the same cabinets in our kitchen -- even the glass-front one. I was actually thinking of going lighter -- almost white. But I haven't decided yet. I'll wait to see yours finished.

  11. Love the new color. You are right, it is good to have a project to keep you occupied during this cold snap!! Good luck with it all!!

  12. The darker stain does look nice. Hope everything turns out well.

  13. Wow! That is a HUGE project!!! I am in awe of your desire to do this on your own.


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