Thursday, October 31, 2013


My grand son loves Halloween.  He does up his room, turning it into a haunted house, each year more elaborate as he adds to his stash of ghoulish decorations.
I was visiting them yesterday and we made a trip to the party store so his sister could get a costume for her school dance.  He's had his Darth Vadir costume ready since early September.  Not everyone is so well prepared.  The place was jam packed.  His mother had warned him that this trip was for his sister; he would NOT be getting anything.  Torture!  He was good about it, but, oh, the desire that filled his little eyes.

The young girl that waited on my daughter and grand daughter was very sweet.  My grand daughter thought her hair was really cool.  It was long brown hair tossed to the right and shaved off the left side.  My daughter's comment, "Yeah, well you are not doing that."  If I were a really kind of mother I would drag out
Amy's high school picture the next time they are at my house.  As my father would have said, "That apple didn't fall very far from the tree."

I had listened to another Annie LaMotte interview on VPR.  I just love her.  Any way, one of the things she said was that her experience in seventh grade was so horrible that she thought she would never have children just because she knew at some point they would have to go through seventh grade.  It is kind of a miracle that the human race goes on when or if you stop to think about it.

Yesterday, it was exactly 100 days until my grand son's 7th birthday.  He is a bit math obsessed.  It was also, apparently, the first day he did not have a time out in first grade.  He is not naughty, but he does have an abundance of enthusiasm. I think it is delightful, but I could never in a million years work with a classroom full of first graders--anything less than fifth graders really--because I wind them right up and myself along with them.

Note that I made this trip the day before Halloween.  Tonight I will go out for dinner with my son and have a very peaceful time.

I hope everyone stays safe.


  1. Yes, kids all have different personalities...and if your grandson survives junior high without being sent to reform school, he will own some multibillion dollar company someday. Our schools need to accomodate the needs of those with an abundance of energy.

  2. When I tell my children the things they did when they were little, they look at me as if i'm in full dementia. I should have made videos of all their antics! Now the grandies are my payback!
    Happy Halloween!!

  3. What a weird haircut. Lol. I wouldn't dream of shaving one side of my head. Congrats to your son for avoiding time out. Quite an accomplishment.

  4. My DIL loves Halloween too. New baby grand daughter will be 1 year old next month and she has the cutest Bat costume. DIL probably made it for her as she sews really well. As for the comments on 7th grade, I kind of felt that way about 9th and 10th grade... which is where grandson is right now. Just glad that my kids got through it all... and hope the grandkids do the same.

  5. I saw the bat costume on your blog. She really is a cutie.

  6. My Grands will be out in force tonight - they live in or close to Denver. However, no little Trick or Treaters will come to our door in Breckenridge. It's gusting and snowing off and on - the kids would freeze in their tracks. Our Jack and your Grandson would be good pals. I remind Jack before every school year that he needs to listen to the teacher and not get involved in any shenanigans! He's a good boy with a kind heart, but he's always thinking of the NEXT thing to do!

  7. B, a librarian, pulls her hair out every time she does the 1st & 2nd grade boys book club ... but she loves 'em anyway!

  8. I couldn't handle the little ones, either. Give me high school or nothing! But I do love to be around them. They are so curious and inventive. But they wear me out!

  9. I loved your comment about that apple and the tree! Amara is so much like her Mother and it is going to make things really entertaining! Happy Halloween!

  10. I just love first graders. I taught that grade for 19 years. They are so cute and full of curiosity. I got to be in my granddaughter's first grade class and the teacher asked me to read a book to them. It's been eight years since I was in the classroom but it came back. I loved it.

    I hope you had great weather for Halloween so everybody could see your grand children's costumes. It was a downpour over here.


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