Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Girl

I visited my daughter and two grand kids yesterday.  It was Kristen's birthday--number 12.

Oh, my, how times flies.

I took her to shop for a new outfit for her birthday.  She was born to shop and has been particular about her fashion choices from a very young age.

Her brother was at day camp.  He was not born to shop.  He tries to tolerate it but it was definitely easier to go to the mall without him.  He was happy because he got to go swimming.  My daughter rushed off to get him at the lake when the thunder started to rumble though.

I stopped on the way down at a farm stand and bought some freshly picked strawberries.  I was going to tell them about Kay's tip for keeping strawberries fresh.   Well,  that would have been a waste of breath.  The three of them dove into those berries--no need to worry about them keeping for a few days!


  1. I haven't tried the strawberry trick yet although others have told me it does work. Gracious! Now I'm in the mood for strawberries. :-)
    You're such a wonderful grandma, Olga. Happy birthday to Kristen!

  2. Yep, eat those yummy berries while they are fresh. No need for storage tips.
    You are a brave and loving grandma to take a twelve year old girl shopping.

  3. We get our berries from Costco. Lol. Looks like you and your granddaughter had a good time.

  4. Isn't it funny how kids love strawberries? My own grandies are the same. Happy b/day to Kristen! What a great grandmother you are!!

  5. Those are great tips and I feel like at my age I should have known about them! Sounds like your day of shopping was fun! They grow so fast -- how is it possible? Happy Birthday to her!

  6. Vinegar is so useful! I had no idea about using it as a rinse to help strawberries stay fresh longer, but what a help it will be!!!

  7. Happy birthday to your girl! Who can blame them about the berries. Fresh strawberries are the best.

  8. My Amanda was also born to shop. She likes a "girls' day" with Grammy now & then. Happy Birthday to Kristen! I use vinegar for so many things.

  9. I too have had different experiences with my kids as far as shopping goes. My daughter takes her time, which often seems like forever to shop. The last time I took my son A to shop, he went directly to what he wanted, picked it out, and we were done! Amazing!


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