Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday So Fast?

Honestly, what happened to the rest of the week?  This is quite distressing that time is going by so fast. 

It was a week's school vacation around here.  Vacation weeks always went fast.  But wait a minute--I am retired.  Why should the fact that it is a "vacation" week affect me in any way?  That is not my life any more.

April vacation was always the time I devoted to a thorough spring cleaning of the house and maybe, in a good year, a bit of yard work.  Mike and I did do some yard work this week, but the housework is lagging.  I don't have much to show for a week having gone by.  The dust bunnies are winning the battle this week

Reading?  I was going through two and three books a week during the winter.  I am half way through Sweet Tooth and I have had it out from the library for two weeks now.  I can barely get through blog reading before I am distracted by something totally nonproductive.

Exercise?  I count the yard work and a few brisk walks, but that hardly cuts it.  I have not reached the "zone" since our return to Vermont.

Sewing?  Nope.  I put together a couple of sample things for the library summer program.  No work on finishing my quilt top (well, except buying the materials).  No new projects.

This is a slump.  I need a spring tonic.  
Spring Tonic, Norman Rockwell
Spring tonics are supposed to be spring cleaning for the blood.  They are supposed to supply the body with vitamins and minerals that have become depleted over the winter months.  It sounds like it makes complete sense.
That is until you think about digging up dandelion greens and roots, nettles, rhubarb, and other weedy things and boiling them for the "pot likker."  A sassafras tea sounds a little bit more appealing, but I have really no idea what sassafras actually is.
There has to be something to this whole early greens thing though.  I have eaten spinach three times in the past two days and already plan to put the rest of it in an omelet for Sunday breakfast.  It has been a true craving, so my body must be wanting something that spinach supplies.
I can eat all kinds of greens if they are sitting on a plate, but I just cannot do a green drink. 
If you need a little inspiration to get started on spring cleaning, as I did, read this at FamilyHomeandLife.


dkzody said...

I'm with you about how quickly Friday comes. How come it didn't work that way when we were teaching?

Linda Reeder said...

Spring cleaning and spring tonics are something I hear about and read about, but they were never part of my family tradition. So I guess I am excused. :)

Kay said...

We have a very busy time coming up and in the midst of so much going on. I need my energy and I need to stay well so I'm trying to eat healthy also. I really enjoy spinach too.

gigihawaii said...

Any way you look at it, life is good. Take care and don't be so hard on yourself.

Arkansas Patti said...

Think you miss your daily dose of sunshine. It has rained for several days here and it seems to have washed my ambition right out.
I checked that link and goodness, there now is so much to do and so many additional how to links to visit. Maybe by next Friday??

Muffie said...

I love spinach and other leafy greens, too. 'They' say if you add sweet fruits, those green drinks aren't that bad. Maybe I'll be brave and try one.

Margaret said...

You have spring fever!

Olga said...

Time has a strange elasticity.

Olga said...

It is spreading. This morning Mike said, "I absolutely need to accomplish something today. I feel like I have been going backwards all week." I did a big push on the yard clean up yesterday and I felt immensely better.

Olga said...

Do I ever! And my bike rides, too. I cannot believe it has only been 3 weeks that we have been back in VT.

Olga said...

I don't know. There is something about a glass of green stuff that trips my gag reflex. But you give it a try and let me know!

Olga said...

I don't even want to imagine what I would be like had I spent the whole gloomy winter here.

Linda Myers said...

I have had a heck of a time getting back into my Pacific Northwest life after two months in the Arizona sun this winter. We've had only a couple of days of sunshine and it gets me down. I wonder if I should put drapes up for every window and just keep them shut!