Thursday, March 21, 2013


They say that Florida has only two seasons rather than four.  There is the wet season and the dry season.

Having lived in the Northeast for all my life, I am fully aware of the changing of seasons from summer to fall to winter to spring.  I am also aware of the joy a beautiful spring can bring after a long, cold, snowy winter.

I have been reading other blogs that are either celebrating the arrival of spring or waiting with breathless anticipation the snow melting and the first green shoots pushing through the earth.

These flowers beside our house have been in bloom like this since we got here in December.  I am hoping the recent rain will turn the grass a bit greener.  Maybe a little bit of the stirring of hope the first little purple crocus can bring in missing in our Florida life.

Still, there are signs of spring here if one looks. 
Little leaves are popping out on the Crape Myrtle tree.  I don't think we will see it bloom this year, though.

 The grapefruit tree in our back yard has plenty of blossoms--so very fragrant to me and the bees.
I planted sun roses for ground cover.  The red blossoms are starting to open.


  1. Enjoy all that spring-like weather and blooming. It's cold, damp, and windy up here! I can't wait until spring really does arrive! Of course, the heat and humidity will arrive shortly after, so I'll just shut up.

  2. My comment keeps disappearing. Will try again. Spring is temporarily on hold as it is snowing right now. Surprise but I'll take it. Just heard that scientists are predicting high heat and drought for most of the country this summer. That snow is looking pretty good right now.
    I like those sun roses. I will look them up to see if they will like Arkansas.

  3. I can tell you are enjoying the lack of cold and snow, but you are conditioned to four seasons, so that anticipation of spring is still in you. Enjoy the warmth. Vermont is not nice yet.

    1. I miss the anticipation of spring, but not the darkest blues of winter that make spring so sweet!

  4. I like you, am enjoying the flowers. Just don't want to go home quite yet. Friends are telling me there's at least 30 inches of snow cover left. Enjoy your Florida spring, and enjoy spring again when you head north!!!

  5. The only sign of spring here is the "more light" part of the environment. That's a good thing, but it's nothing to seeing actual green things growing, blooming!

  6. Southern California is also accused of having two seasons. But there are definite changes and feels to the weather and light. I have no patience foe season snobs.

  7. It is spring in southern California, too! And I do feel the changes. Like Florida many things are starting to sprout and bloom. Spring is a beautiful time of year no matter where you live.


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