Friday, March 22, 2013

Scam Alert

We bought our Florida house from the original owner, who was extremely organized and who left us all the information we would need about the appliances.  He had the air conditioning unit put in and maintained by a particular company, which happens to be named Honest AC.  Their contact information is on the unit outside and on the thermostat inside.  The owner recommended them quite highly.

After we had the closing we were contacted by a guy who claimed to have worked on the air conditioner and wanting to set up a contract with us to continue.  He wasn't from Honest Ac.  Mike said if he would lie about having done the work before, what kinds of major "problems" would he be able to find upon inspection?  Vermonters don't know much about air conditioning.

Mike went to the Honest AC office.  They had our unit on file with all the maintenance records.  He signed a contract with them and pre-paid for the service contract.  They would come twice a year for an inspection and filter replacement.  The same person has come out three times now and we are very satisfied with his work. 

So what is the problem?  Last Tuesday I got a call from some woman who wanted to schedule our AC inspection and service.  I knew it was time for that, but I thought Mike had already scheduled.
He had actually...for today, Friday.  The caller was telling me she could send someone out that afternoon.  Okay, fine.  Then she said, "And the price will stay the same as last year, $59.95."  Whoops.  Wait a minute.  We pre-paid. 

"Am I talking to someone at Honest AC?"  Why, no, but she then assured me that this particular company worked on our air conditioner in the past.  "No, no, you did not.  And don't send anyone here."

Do you see how easily they can take advantage of us trusting souls?  I thought that was pretty underhanded.

Mike also had a scam encounter the next day.  He was contacted by a wealthy European who is dying of cancer.  Sadly, he cannot trust his family to distribute his vast wealth to charity as is his wish.  Isn't it fortunate that God lead him to Mike's e-mail account, and wouldn't it be awesome if they could work together to bless some charitable organization with much needed assistance.  Of course, Mike may have to...

They are out there, folks.


  1. People who scam senior citizens should be branded with a "Scam Artist" tattoo on their forehead.

  2. I read about these sorts all the time. My husband takes care of all that now, and I'm glad -- I may not have been as quick as you to recognize the fraud! Stay safe!

  3. That kind of crap gives me a heavy heart.
    I am so glad you were smart enough not to bite. If you got their business name, I'd report them to the BBB.

  4. That is despicable. The other day some telemarketer called. I said I wasn't interested and he said, "Yes! You are interested." No. I was not. The nerve.

  5. My husband decided to purchase a desktop computer from apple online. We have done much business with them over the years. Within 30 minutes, our Visa card was used in California. When the Bank called to check, I asked if I should call apple and the bank said no because there i no telling where our card was "skyped". Even sites I have been assured are safe apparently are not.

  6. You do have to be careful. I would suggest always checking with the BBB and never agree to anything over the phone or at the door without giving yourself a few days to check it out.

  7. Yes sadly more and more are we hearing horror stories like these. I feel sorry for the ones that aren't aware of people like your dealing with and get stuck.
    Glad you dealt with them and knew what you were doing.
    I just finished reading the book March and enjoyed it very much.
    I have to go back and look at the other one you were telling us about.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your Easter is lovely

  8. So glad both of you were wise enough to be alert. You just can't be to careful. Sad but true.

  9. I am very suspicious about things online, especially.

  10. It's a good thing you got such useful information from the previous owner, and knew to avoid that scam.


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