Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In the News

I don't always pay attention to the news the way I should or the way I used to back in the days when I actually held some trust in news shows and newspapers.  Here are some random bits filtered through my memory of what I watched or read in the past two days.

  • As of now, there is no new pope selected.  I see that there is an American under consideration,  No woman, though.

  • Twinkies may be coming back.  The recipe was sold for "a pittance."  How disappointing...only 410 million dollars.

  • The red tide outbreak has continued to plague this corner of the world.  I watched a news segment that was billed as "efforts to save the manatees".  They are sucumbing to the red tide toxin at a record breaking number.  The scientist interviewed sated something to the effect of "we need to save them so future generations can enjoy manatees as we do."  How?  Didn't say, but there is a HotLine number to call.  What is it? Didn't say.  Poor manatees deserve better.

  • There was a man killed in a Florida sinkhole in February.  An Illinois golfer fell into a sinkhole on a golf course earlier this month.  Now there is a report of a sinkhole in Washington, D.C. (Look for the jokes on social media and late night TV.  They are too much of a cheap shot for here.)

Why all the sinkholes lately?  Apparently Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania are the most prone spots because of the limestone soils that are subject to dissolving.

  • It is top secret, but word has leaked that the Russian military has a program that trains attack dolphins.  The dolphins are trained to detect mines and even attack enemy swimmers.  The problem is that the dophins wander off -- go AWOL-- during mating season.  It is so hard to get good help these days.
When you think about it...doesn't it seem like a hopelessly inefficient send enemy swimmers to Russian shores.  And dolphins are the answer to this egregious threat??

  • Finally, Elizabeth Delaney of Sarasota, Florida, celebrated her birthday number 110.  She loves sweets and avoids most vegetables but is very outgoing and has a great social network at the Friendship Center.  I love this quote from her perseptions of the many "old" people there:

"I find that a lot of people at the center, they've lost their memory and they don't know where they are and things like that. I think they're too young for that," she said.
"And the men and the women, they go to the bathroom so often," she added. "I wonder why that happens."
God bless her.


MerCyn said...

Missed the news recently too. Thanks for the update! ...They just elected a new Pope - another old man, but from the New World.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'm not Catholic but I like what I hear about Pope Francis being for the poor, women and the environment. Nothing wrong there.
Wonder if that Delaney woman is kin to those delightful Delaney sisters that both lived over 100. I loved their book "Having Our Say".
Good job as a news anchor.

Muffie said...

Don't get me started on the news personnel on TV. They drive me nuts. A woman -- as Pope? I'm laughing so hard... I do hope Francis will be the "breath of fresh air" that John XXIII wanted -- we've waited a long time! You should read "Let Me Hear You Whisper" by Paul Zindel -- it's a play I did with my students [re: the dolphin story.]

Linda Reeder said...

We are no longer popeless, but it's still an old man.
I have some Twinkies in the pantry. Now I want to eat one, but they are supposed to be for the grandkids, so they will have a cultural experience. If they are going to keep making them, I MIGHT AS WELL EAT ONE. :)
The manatee story reminds me of how often I get aggravated at the news which fails to supply any information beyond the headline.
Washington DC IS a sinkhole.
I don't swim so I won't be threatening Russia, but I do have to go to the bathroom. Bye.

Linda said...

I must confess that I have never eaten a Twinkie in my life. They have never been available in my area (at least not to my knowledge)...Montreal. You have a very nice blog.

Linda said...

I'd be interested in knowing how to enjoy a manatee. I've never found them to have much personality.

Eileen said...

These stories of sinkholes are frightening to me. I've had a recurring nightmare that I fall into one and am trapped. It's my worst fear....which is really foolish because I live nowhere near Ottawa (our federal government is located there).

A woman for Pope....I love it! I expect that will happen when people are convince God is a woman!

Margaret said...

I love the quote. I must admit, I pee all the time.

Olga said...

I read Having Our Say and saw it done as a play. I do not believe there is any relationship. The article said longevity does not run in her family.

Olga said...

I will definitely have to find "Let Me Hear You Whisper." You have piqued my curiosity.

Olga said...

You are so funny!

Olga said...

You really haven't missed much! Thanks for stopping by.

Olga said...

Well, a woman got in big time trouble last fall for riding one. She looked like she was having fun before they arrested her.
Manatees are related to elephants but they don't seem quite as smart.

Olga said...

I don't pee all the time, but walk in my front door and...clear the way to the bathroom NOW. Why is that I wonder???