Monday, January 14, 2013

Drifting Along

What is this?  A roast in the oven?  On such a hot day?

No, it is the second step in an attempt to sterilize some drift wood.
The first step was soaking it a bucket of bleach and then drying it in the sun.

And the completed project to add a bit of beachy ambiance to the place:



  1. Lovely wreath -- you are so creative!

  2. I never knew you went through this to be able to keep driftwood. I wonder it that is the same for other wood pieces found in the woods?

  3. Your driftwood wreath is beautiful, but why do you need to sterilize it?

  4. How fun to see that I am not the only one bleaching, drying, and then oven roasting driftwood! Our driftwood is so clean we could probably eat off of it, but I suppose I'd rather not. I use driftwood for my Santas. I also use a polyurethane sealer on mine before painting them. That keeps the wood from absorbing my acrylic paint unevenly. I don't think there is a sealer that would allow the beachy bleached look you need for your wreaths (which are wonderful, btw).

  5. Now that is really clever and so attractive. I am curious about the need to sterilize also.

  6. Amazing how this turned out. Really love it and would love to see another picture of it. haha
    You are so creative and I myself would not of been able to show my oven I noticed yesterday while cooking a roast that it is time for a good cleaning.
    Caught up with you while I was visiting this morning and I am glad you are keeping up with your writing. I don't think I will ever truly be happy until I sit down and start mine again.
    Your walks on the beach with your sweet hubby have me a tad jealous. My heart aches to live on the beach again. I grew up on the coast of Texas and have never got over leaving it.
    I guess one of the reasons I just had to go to Maine this past year to visit their coast line.
    Regarding your comment about Grey Gardens. I too wondered how these two survived the conditions they lived in for as long as they did.
    I read where the younger one lived a long life after the death of her mother. Thank goodness she did sell and move out of those conditions.
    Have a wonderful week and while walking the beach kick up a little sand for me will you.


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