Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day Trip

On Thursday, we made a trip to Pine Island.  Mike has an old and dear friend who bought a house there so we visited him and went out for a lunch.  Later we went to visit another friend of ours, a neighbor from Jericho, VT, who also stays on Pine Island.

Venice is about thirty miles to the north of Fort Myers.

I forgot to take my camera, so the pictures are from google.


You go there to fish or to grow palm trees.

I love these day trips and exploring the areas around us.


  1. I love day trips too, exploring new areas. I usually remember my camera, but too many times the SD card is left in my computer. Grrrrrrrrr Have a great weekend. Raining in the desert, what an unusual year!!

  2. And I love sharing these days vicariously with you!

  3. Sure looks pretty. Seems like a great place to winter.

  4. It looks like a perfect place for a day trip. I'm glad you are down there enjoying fun in the sun.


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