Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clueless or Manipulative?

Tuesday, for me, is a full scale mop of the kitchen day.

I really cannot complain about Mike when it comes to helping out around the house.  He does his own laundry.  He makes the bed.  He helps with the cooking.  He doesn’t dust or volunteer to scrub the bathroom, but he takes care of electrical and plumbing emergencies and always says, “Call your brother,” when carpentry skills are needed.

So don’t take this as a complaint.  It is just an observation.

I was saying, “Thank goodness for old fashioned mop and bucket,” because the steam cleaner I had purchased last winter just did work after being stored for the summer months.
He looked at the floor and shrugged.  “How often do you ever mop anyway,” he says (not asks).

That floored me!  (I know, I know.  Allow me to amuse myself.)  Really.  He must believe we have magically self-cleaning floors.  But he does tend to believe that a job done once stays done.  I know this because he bought a pressure washer to clean the deck  and when he was done he said he was going to sell the washer—like the deck would never get dirty again.

But I am confessing here and now that I am the clueless one.  I bought myself a ticket to a play at the Venice Theater.  I said to myself I would not even ask him because he always says no.  Going out at night??  Going to a play??  And yet, when I told him I had bought a ticket he said, “Oh, I’ll go with you.”  Go figure.

Well, yes, figure:  The play is “Intimate Apparel.”  I may have hinted that it would be a bit like watching a Victoria Secret commercial live on stage…but I absolutely did add ala 1905.


  1. Hum, now you have me wondering if my steam mop still works. Maybe tomorrow....

  2. OMG I needed that laugh! Whenever my own other half does/says something like that, I try to shrug and say, "It's a guy thing." There must be something in their DNA that renders them clueless.

  3. I agree with Muffie. There must be something in their DNA that renders them clueless. I could relate to this post all too well. At least I had to chuckle over the cluelessness of our men.

  4. If only he was right and once done housework would stay done! Hope you BOTH liked the show.

  5. I am chuckling!!! Men are so unassuming!!! Who'd a thunk it?

  6. It always makes me feel better to read a post like this. Thank goodness I'm not the only one living with such a creature.

    We are wintering in Arizona and left our every-other-week housekeeper back in Washington State. Thursdays here are cleaning days, I decided, since that's the lightest day for our activities.

    On the first Thursday my husband Art sat in the living room reading while I cleaned, LIFTING HIS FEET when I swept the wood floors around him!

    Second week I said, "Say, which of the cleaning jobs do you want?" He acted surprised, but he went and got the vacuum. So maybe if we give them enough of a clue they'll come around.

  7. Yup I recall those days so well. Now my hubby cooks and I sort of clean but a lady comes once a month to be sure I didn't miss spots. lol
    My date nights are preplanned by hubby and his love for opera and symphonies. Buddy is my cinema partner!

  8. I absolutely love this post and having read the other comments it really must be a DNA flaw! Richard is completely oblivious to how dishes even get washed. He can get lost trying to find a fork in the kitchen and I really should be glad that he doesn't notice when things aren't perfect -- but when you really do work hard and he doesn't notice, well that is still frustrating!


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