Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I am always paring down possessions, trying to simplify, but at the same time acquiring new possessions and hungering after new stuff.  This past year, I made many trips to the Goodwill and Salvation Army donation centers.  Really, I have lost count of the boxes and bags I hauled away.  It's a feeling of lightness that very soon leads to a feeling of "Oh!  That empty space needs to be filled!"  and off I go on a shopping trip.

I bought a Himalayan salt lamp mentioned by Patti at the New Sixty on this post.  Eventually, as I meditate next to it, that void I try to fill with stuff will be healed.  That's how I justified that purchase.  That and they are really cool and I wanted one.

My vacuum cleaner, the one that was supposed to pick up bowling balls with its powerful suction, but in fact did little more than push cat kibble around the kitchen floor, made its way to the scrap metal bin (even tho' it was mostly plastic as things are these days).  Of course that had to be replaced.   I bought a bagless Eureka that promised: "thanks to the state-of-the-art Whirlwind® Cyclonic Technology utilized in the creation of powerful suction that leaves no spec of dust, dirt, or debris intact..." my house would be spotless.  Heh, maybe I should have spent the money on one of those robot cleaners, because the one I got has to be pushed around--explaining those times when my house is not spotless.  It does clean super well, but it is heavy.  Pushing it around is a bother and taking it up and down stairs a true pain.

Mike invested in a set of TV Ears and he is in television watching heaven now.  Personally, I wish someone would invent Wife Ears...but I am sure he would not use those so much.  Most of the time I talk to myself anyway.

Of course, I have to support my hobbies and managed to amass card making supplies and fabric and quilting supplies.  I just finished the bureau topper.  My sewing machine was humming away and Mike was plugged into his TV--great way to spend a rainy day.  Idle hands being the devil's play ground and all that.

There is a picture of my Himalayan salt lamp. too.
Now I am really giving serious consideration to buying myself a bicycle.  I do a lot of walking, but a bike would expand my range considerably and there are many bike paths and trails in the area.  Unlike Vermont, there are few hills here along the coast, making the idea of riding a bike more appealing to me.  I will make a solemn promise that I will not try to force my body into any kind of spandex riding outfit.  I believe that I am not quite ready for the very popular (here in Venice) adult size tricycles, but it has been quite some time since I owned a bicycle.  We shall see.


  1. Your bureau topper is beautiful!

    I am so excited because the kids got me a bike for Christmas -- and we are right next to a beautiful bike path! Can't wait for it to get here. Amara and I have plans to ride together, keep Grandma in shape!

  2. I am a collector of stuff and things too. I am trying to resist and reduce. I cleaned a few things out today when we put the house back into non-holiday mode.I don't have the balance to bike any more, but you should will probably be fine. You know what they say about riding a bike.

  3. I had to laugh when I read of you getting rid of stuff only to buy more. I can relate! Those lamps do sound cool. Maybe I will have to buy one for my study. Where did you find yours?

    Get a bike. That will be fun. I've toyed with the idea, but am so afraid I will fall and break a bone.

  4. The Himalayan salt lamp is cool. Never heard of such a thing.

    Mentioning the wife ears reminds me of a joke I heard a few years ago.

    Did you hear they invented Viagra for women?

    Men take it and it improves the blood flow to their ears.

  5. I am so glad you got the lamp. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.
    Cracked up at the bowling ball suction that couldn't handle kibble:))
    Do get a bike. What I miss most about Florida are the nice flat bike trails all over the place. My bike here in the Ozarks is confined to my porch on a trainer. Whee.

  6. If you had a bicycle (or even a tricycle) you could carry stuff around with you. But walking probably almost as healthy without having another THING to store somewhere...

  7. Biking can be so beneficial to you, healthwise, so I say, "Go for it!" Loved your crafty furniture toppers.

  8. Oh - a bike? You could store it in "my" bedroom - but don't flush the toilet (an insider joke...) Seriously, I rode once in FL and was loving it - no mt passes to climb. I have found the perfect vacuum cleaner - my husband. I don't even have to carry him up the stairs.

  9. I do need a vacuum. Mine just barely works, but I cling to the idea that the bigger something is the longer it should last.


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