Thursday, December 20, 2012


I was compelled to drive the 70 miles to my daughter's house yesterday afternoon so that I could attend the grandkids' Winter Concert.

Usually, on a cold, dark night, I would stay in with a mug of hot chocolate and let them know I was there in spirit.  Somehow the events of the last few days made my need to see them--and see them in their school--overwhelming.  I put aside my volunteering and I put aside the preparations for the start of our trip to Florida tomorrow and I attended that concert.

It was so very worth it.  They were surprised (but pleased) to see me.  I was excited to see them all dressed up.  Dane wore a white dress shirt and a tie -- so precious.  K. had on a white sweater and a pretty necklace and she looked so very beautiful.

The program was well done.  The school band played, the chorus sang, there was a group of hand bell ringers, and each class did a sang with an accompanying dance or reading.  The music teacher obviously worked overtime, but so did the entire rest of the staff.  The art teacher had decorated the stage with stars and moons and twinkle lights.  Several of the staff joined in with the chorus.  And then there was the set-up/cleanup, practice time, and supervision and assistance during the program.  Teachers work so much harder than most people know--and too often without the credit and appreciation they deserve.

I did send a thank-you to the school today.  That is not very much for how good I felt after giving the grands hugs and kisses and heading out for home.

Before the tie and the hair combing.  My daughter attempted a tucked in shirt, but that did not last to the stage.  The tie did though!  How pinchable are those cheeks?                                                                                                            

Today, I did some last minute errands--the drugstore, the bank, the car wash, the grocery store for supper for tonight.  I dropped off a couple of small presents to friends.  Now the car is all packed and Mike and I will start the three day trip to Florida in the morning.  We will have a quiet evening.  The decorations are all put away, but I left up candles in the windows to acknowledge the winter solstice.


  1. That was such a wonderful thing for you to do! I mean the 70 mile drive to the grand kid's school program. They will remember that! Have a wonderful Christmas. I assume you are spending it in Florida? I am sure you will miss the cold! (Ha Ha!)

  2. I'm glad you went too. Those are memory making moments for all of you!! I would have loved to see that little guy with his shirt tails hanging out. I'll bet he wasn't the only one!!!!

  3. Blessings on your lovely grandchildren and may your trip be safe and swift. Candy in the windows for solstice? I would think that would attract varmints?

  4. Honey I am so glad you did make the trip to their play. I know just how you felt and why you went. Like everyone else this tragedy has changed all of our lives and our way of thinking.
    Your pic is so precious of your grandson. Those cheeks are just adorable.
    Be careful on your trip to Florida. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
    My plans are to go to Austin to be with my kids.
    Love ya

  5. I'm about to head out to my daughter' concert. She had to get there early and left with her dad already. I am excited.

  6. Wow. Several reactions. First, good for you, Grandma, for making that trip to see those kids. Your being there is much better than any gift from a store.
    Yes, teachers do work very hard. Seeing happy kids making progress is the reward that keeps them going.
    Leaving for Florida right before Christmas? Surprising. Will you do anything to celebrate when you get to your Florida house?

  7. The shows that your kids or grandkids are in are the best in the world. ... aren't they. (Btw, I like your new look!)

  8. Well it was wonderful to see the grandkids before your trip.

    Have a very safe trip to Florida and you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  9. I LOVED hearing about the concert! And I understand exactly how you feel in so many ways! First off teachers don't get anywhere near enough credit and I don't know how they exist without a nap after work.

    I spent the day in Amara's 3rd grade classroom Friday to help with her Holiday Party. Walking onto campus with her and her Mom and Dad felt very strange and I really was comforted by the fact there was a motorcycle police officer parked in front of the school.

    Merry Christmas!


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