Monday, December 3, 2012

Small Town

My grand children live in a small Vermont town.  The buildings along the main street were mostly built in the  early 1800’s.      
Colonial and Victorian influences are evident.  It is a pretty little village.

The fountain where my grand son is standing has a boy with a boot during warmer weather.  We have had some cold days and some snow, but this day was quite balmy—almost 50.

Anybody know what these architectural styles are?  There are marble quarries nearby so one sees a lot of that in the area.

Of course, the very best part of that little town:



  1. I so love visiting quaint little towns such as these. Here in my little corner, we, too, are surrounded by the Colonial and Victorian presence.

  2. I know you are not a fan of New jersey, but you would love the Victorian architecture of Cape May.

  3. I'd like to trade houses with a family in Vermont for a year.

  4. I too love that small town. It seems like nothing bad could ever happen there. I'm sure that's not true but it still appears that way.

  5. A very charming small town - we saw quite a few in our few days in Vermont last April, loved them all - and several very charming children as well! Ah, grand children!

  6. It is amazing how we grow close to places where our loved ones reside. So happy for you. I have never really toured Vermont, so must put that on my bucket list.

  7. That quaint little town, looks like a wonderful place to raise a family. Speaking of........ those grands of yours are getting so big. Give 'em a big hug from your blogging friend!!!

  8. It looks full of all sorts of charm. Lovely.

  9. The town is charming; the kids are charminger!

  10. The architecture is just so different from southern California. I love looking at all of your pictures -- including the cutest part of town! Thanks again for sharing -- as for what style it might be -- I am clueless I just know I like it!

  11. I love Vermont. This town is so charming. So was your post.


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