Friday, November 30, 2012

What Happened to Legos?

I was thinking of getting some Legos for my grand son.

Remember Legos?  They used to be these brick-like stick-together blocks that could be used to construct all kinds of wonderful things.  Possibilities as limitless as a child’s imagination.

They are not like that so much any more.

I found some Star War kits and some City kits at the toy store in the mall.   There were not too many of either variety, but I was appalled at the kits on offer.

Robber’s Hide Away is the theme of one.
How about Prisoner TransportDrug Sniffing Dog?

I could not bring myself to purchase any of these.

What exactly is the message here anyway?

Now I know. This is what the discriminating five-year-old boy is into.


Legos, shmegoes.


  1. Yuck! I was kind of looking forward to my little guy building with Legos. If that's what's being offered, I'll forego any purchases!

  2. There are tons and tons of lego kits out there. All kinds, pretty expensive in my mind, but make great toys. I find mind in the Lego store...but perhaps you can search online.

  3. I just received the delivery of the two Lego kits I ordered on line Monday. They are a doll house and a beach house. Expensive, but with a lot of play potential. they were selected by the kids and their mother for their wish list. I had no idea there were kits like the one you showed!
    My objection is that most of the kits are very large, expensive, and only programmed to make one thing. I still like the universal blocks best. We still have the ones Jake played wit, and his space Legos. they were the best!

  4. A child needs patience and the eye of an architect to build with some of the kits. Also, following directions is paramount. Did I mention patience? (Can you tell I have some Grammy experience with Legos?)

  5. Our Target has a huge selection of Legos of all varieties. My son-in-law and my Granddaughter love all the Star Wars ones! It is really a fun bond for her and her Daddy.

  6. I, too, like the basic sets best. Last year for Christmas I bought my grandson a book that has examples of things to build by putting the different kits together. It's pretty cool!

  7. We are big fans of unplanned Legos. We have a huge tub. Do they not exist anymore?


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