Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

*There is a drop off at the village store for supplies to be sent to Long Island for Sandy victims.  I think a town resident must have family there and will taking the donations down this weekend. 
I don’t know why this requested item surprised me—heavy duty garbage bags.  Of course!  East coast dwellers are facing massive clean-up chores.  All kinds of cleaning supplies must be needed before they can get around to putting homes back in furnished order.  I am going to put together a bucket of cleaning supplies and drop it off today.  You can check out our country village store

*I have to say that I am very disappointed in secession petitions.  This doesn’t seem to bode well for the idea of coming together to solve problems—and, let’s face it, this country is facing a few.  We all take turns living with election results we may not have liked.  We whine and cry for a while; then we put on our big girl pants and deal with it.

*The local library was buzzing yesterday.  There were four volunteers there for the afternoon to help the librarian.  I was covering new books in plastic and some one else was bar coding them and entering them in the computer system when he wasn’t busy checking in returns.  Someone else was taking care of shelving the returns.  Best of all—a woman who was a professional organizer for corporations in the big city recently moved to town and she is making a huge dent in the freeing up of the general neatness and flow of the place.  I came home exhausted, but I really do enjoy that little library.  I have found that I really do need that little bit of imposed structure to my week.

*I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is only one week away.  We will head to Connecticut for some family, food, and fun.

*Both the writing group and the card-making group made plans for a lunch get together for today.  My social calendar is so busy.  I will be with the writing group today.  We are visiting a book store and then having lunch.  It sounds like a good way to spend a chilly afternoon.


  1. Wow, that village store is so awesome -- I love shops like that!
    I so totally agree with you about the complaints over the election -- I, too, say, "Get over it. Move on, and let's work together!"
    We need one of those organizers at our local library, too.
    Hope you had a great lunch with friends!

  2. Enjoy your lunch and the friendships!!

  3. Yes to putting on big girl pants!

  4. I agree too let's move on. Wasn't happy with all the results but it's over and they will be another in 4 years, 2 years for local. Sounds like a wonderful lunch. I cannot believe we are heading into Thanksgiving this week.

  5. Your life in small town Vermont sounds wonderful! I am so happy I finally made it to your state last May. While I only did the southern tier, I loved it.


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