Sunday, November 18, 2012

In which I come clean...

Okay...there were no little old men harmed in any way for the sake of my last post.  That was pure figment of my imagination.

Also, in my opinion Wonder bread is an abomination to the bread world.  My mother may have once put a Hostess Twinkie in my school lunch, but I highly doubt it.  I am overly suspicious of that white stuff inside those cakes and have no desire to actually eat any of them.

I do, however, fondly remember the treat of a Butterscotch Krimpet.   I believe they were made by Tastykake.  I wouldn't eat those anymore either, though.  My palate has refined over the years.  I prefer real food over something my brother may have synthesized from random substances found in his Little Scientist chemical kit.

I do admit that I spaced out, switched grocery carts along the way and lost my purse while doing some grocery shopping.  I also did the frantic search of my car and then the house before learning that it had been turned over to the service desk by the very nice people in the deli department who saw the purse sitting unclaimed for a period of time in an empty cart.

I was going to write about having a serious blonde moment (even though, yes, my hair is now grey...I am in full disclosure mode here).  I just happened to see about the closing down of the Hostess company and about some people starting to horde the snacks on the Google news while I was getting to blogspot.  So my imagination took a little flight.

Fooled you, though, didn't I?

There.  Now my nose is back to its original size.


  1. I believe that I politely said that this was out of character for a Yankee pragmatist, which is a kindly way of saying your BSing us. But alas I did reveal my minor addiction to Hostess Chemical Pies--Cherry. Oh well, self deprecation has always been one of my strengths.

    In my defense, my consumption of Hostess chemical pies dropped way off after I retired. I would pass the vending machines at work and could pass by any treat in there except for Hostess Cherry Pies. Admittedly it looked better in the machine than the reality of eating it.

  2. Even if it wasn't true, I loved your story. One thing is for sure, your sense of humor came through on both of these posts. I am with you on the Twinkies. I think is good for America that these things are no longer available.

    I have a plaque that says, "Silver, it's the new blonde." So, go ahead, claim you are blonde.

  3. It was a great story anyway!!! Glad your purse was found, that could have been a pain in the kiester!!!

  4. It was a great post and I did feel it was so out of character from your prior posts that I did not believe it.

  5. Aw, I liked to believe that really happened! Oh well, at least you fooled me!

  6. So glad you have confessed all your sins here. (Well, I have a feeling there ARE more, but this is a start.) Thanks for visiting me!

  7. I told your story to so many people and had them gasping with laughter! I am not coming clean to any of them! They don't need to know the truth. It was a GREAT story!


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