Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cold Snap

Woohoo.  Monday morning there was a spot of sunshine.  I put on my Nikes right away and went out for my walk.  I headed south and the air was chilly but still pleasant.  I had worn a hat and mittens along with my winter jacket zipped up to the scarf around my neck.  After walking for about a mile and a half, I was warm enough to pull my mittens off and loosen up the scarf.  In a few minutes, I looped back in a northerly direction to return home.  The sun disappeared.  The wind started to blow.  It was a most uncomfortable trek back with my hat pulled down and the scarf and jacket collar pulled up, mittens back in place, pace definitely ramped up.  I felt tricked somehow.

Then in the afternoon I did my volunteer gig at the library.  I was wearing a light sweater, but it wasn’t enough.  My hands were numb by the time I got home.  I made a quick supper of egg, cheese, and avocado sandwiches because I had to go back to the library at 6:30 for writing group.  It was dark when I got home at 5:00.  By 6:30, I felt like I was going out in the middle of the night.  In spite of the extra hour of weekend, I just wanted to crawl into bed by 9:00.  So I did.

Some people LOVE this time of year.  I am not one of them.

I went out to vote this morning.  Since then I have been working on sanding a small cabinet I want to paint and I have put together a couple of quilt squares.  I have not yet convinced myself to go out to take another walk today but I guess I had better get out there.  It will be dark again soon.  I am enjoying my sewing project, but it is not the greatest exercise.

 This picture has nothing to do with this post at all.  It is a case i made for my craft scissors a while ago.  Boredom games, my daughter used to call them.


  1. Ha! I did it. Four miles. 35 degrees and I still worked up a sweat. And the warm shower afterwards felt so good.

  2. Way to go. You inspire me to get out and walk. This brisk weather really puts a spring in my limp and makes me want to hit the road. Thanks.

  3. I walked to the polls, stood on line outside and voted (inside). I am with you - I can do without the cold and especially the early darkness. It gets dark and I want to go to bed!

  4. Since I can't really walk properly anymore, I felt so affirmed when I used only my walker today to go vote! Across the parking lot, up the ramp, through the big hall, and into the booth -- it doesn't sound like much, but for me it's like your four miles!
    We, too, are having a cold snap, and with a Nor'easter on the way, we could have snow by tomorrow! Yikes!

  5. Four miles! Good for you! I like walking in cold weather as long as it's dry. My exercies today was working in the yard. We are trying to get the clean up done while the rain holds off, but the rain returned this afternoon. We'll dodge showers the next few days and try to get the heavy work done. It will steadily be getting colder. but for us that is still the low fifties.

  6. Good for you for hanging in there in the cold and taking your walk. Thankfully, it is still mostly warm here. I've been walking a bit, but not too much. Too busy unpacking.

  7. If we just make ourselves go, we are rewarded. (Well, sometimes...)

  8. Even the cat isn't happy with the temperature change! I like this time of year, though. I love change!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  9. I just wish our weather would make up its mind. It was 93 on Sunday and 65 today. Keep up the walking!


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