Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Saturday in October, 2012

The Vermont fall color on our road is definitely past peak, but I still like the metallic hues that linger the longest.

DSCN2166 For me, this is about as decorated for fall as a yard ought to be.  My yard is not even this seasonal this year.

Although…I have given a nod to the season inside my house.
DSCN2178DSCN2181 That’s it.  The whole show.

This picture represents only about one fifth of the Halloween décor in this particular yard.  I don’t know the home owners so I can’s say anything.  However, it was my house, I would be spending time putting siding over the tyvek wrapping instead of putting on all the holiday displays.  (All right, so I did say something.)

I pass this barn often and I always notice the yellow cat painted in the window.  This time I snapped a picture of it.

Later in my walk, three deer went racing across the road about fifty yards in front of me.  So fast!  There was no chance of getting a picture of them, but I realized why it is not so hard to imagine reindeer flying.  They leap and they are airborne for a while.


  1. Nicest time of the year. Racing deer included.

  2. Love the fall photos! We only see deer if we head east -- we're too built up around here.

  3. I will write later about my last Saturday in October. It was busy. As in the song by Barry Manilow, "Oh how I hate to see October go".
    Your last Saturday looks lovely.

  4. We have only four bags of candy - for the seven children who will ring our doorbell - and no pumpkins.

  5. I usually have spells of guilt over not decorating with seasonal/holiday displays. What soothes me is that NOBODY would see it if I did put things out there. And to me it's just another chore.

  6. I do like the cat in the window. Even out dull trees have lost their leaves. Stay safe this upcoming week. Prayers to all my east coast blogger friends.

  7. You sure have some up there Olga, very nice pics! How will the storm effect your area?

  8. Love seeing your VT fall. I am even more minimal than you with decorations, though I did get my 2 huge gourds out of storage to try and be just a little bit festive!

  9. Your fall colors are still beautiful. So jealous you got to see those deer.


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