Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Color

It is autumn according to the calendar—even here in sunny/rainy Florida where the humidity reached 100% a couple of days ago and the “feels like” temperature was 100 today, until a cold front moved through and dropped it down to the 70’s.

Now you may think that Florida is tropical, land of always summer.  But let me tell you that there are seasons here.  It is clearly fall and the deciduous trees know it.  It is time for their leaves to lose the green, turn color (weak yellow mottled with brown tho’ it may be) and fall to the ground.  I have proof:

crape myrtle
I have been looking at so many pictures of the fall color in northern states and hearing so many questions about why we would miss the Vermont foliage season that I just had to show that leaves do change here too.  Okay, maybe the look is more diseased than brilliant color, but it is the same concept.  They turn and fall off.
When we come back for our winter stay both of these trees will be bare because it will be winter after all.  So, no, I don’t really miss the changing of the seasons all that much.  I experience just enough of it.


  1. At least you don't have to go through the frozen tundra that will be here in the winter! Enjoy the beauty and warmth!

  2. Interesting. I guess everything needs a period of rest and renewal.

  3. Sorry but that's a pitiful substitute for fall foliage in Vermont.

  4. Well, linda, I did not expect to fool you!

  5. Southern California has NOT decided it is fall yet! Although it was down to 80 today. No colors or brown leaves here yet!

  6. Amen! Autumn can be beautiful in a subtle sort of way. When you are secure in your geography you don't need to show off with gaudy color changes.

  7. Guess it's a good time to escape the winter when the body gets stiffer and it's hard to tackle ice and snow.


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