Tuesday, October 16, 2012


as in cost of living adjustment… not

Those of us who are collecting social security benefits can expect an increase of 1.7% in 2013.  WOOHOO!  We’re in the money!

The cost of living adjustment is in place to insure that the purchasing power of social security benefits are not consumed by inflation.  This is determined on a limited time sample.  Apparently, the cost of living did not rise significantly between 8 a.m. and 1:32 p.m. last Tuesday.

Well it is obvious that the cost of grocery items have not gone up significantly.  (??)  You can still buy a container of ice cream for about five bucks.  Never mind that ice cream used to come in half-gallon containers.  If you can even find a half-gallon container these days, it will cost more than five bucks.  Don’t quote me on the prices of ice cream, but surely you notice that everything comes in old size packages with less product inside.  Ice cream packages look to be the same size in the freezer section until you pull one out and see that is just as long but half as wide.  Cracker and cereal boxes are the same size, but the weight is less—and it is not settling of contents.

Not that it is a bad thing entirely that we, as a nation, should eat less—just that if we pay more, we should eat better.

Oh. well, enough of the ranting and raving.  I am off to re-adjust my budget.  Pretty soon I personally am going to have enough money for two whole gallons of gas each month.  Oh, the places I will go!


  1. Oh, wait. Two gallons of gas if the price does not go up now that it is not last Tuesday.

  2. I hate how that happens with cereal. I want a box to last a week, for goodness sake.

  3. If you have Stewarts Shops in Vermont, the ice cream there is still half-gallon and under $5. It isn't Perry's, but it's ice cream.
    Try not to feel too bad about the inadequate raise in the SS benefits. I haven't had a raise in five years.

  4. I know that I should not complain too much. I make this tuff up and I don't even eat much ice cream. It's just that I really don't understand how they (whomever they might be)claim the cost of living has not gone up. I really feel for those who have to feed and clothe growing children.

  5. The reason the cost of living isn't going up is because the cost of computing keeps coming down, balancing out the rise in gas, food, etc.

    So stop buying food and buy more computers. Will solve all your problems!

  6. Will be nice to have the COLA, though.,


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