Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chillin’ with the Tree Frog


Our last night in Florida, Mike called from the car port, “C’mon out and watch this light show.


It was one of those nights when lightning was flashing every two seconds off in the distance, lighting up the fluffy clouds but far enough away to be as entertaining as a fireworks display.


I went out to find Mike sitting in my usual chair.  What was that about?  He offered to try to encourage his little buddy to vacate the other chair, but I decided I would just go back inside.


DSCN2150     DSCN2151


  1. What a sharing person you are!

  2. Oh, how cute! It reminds me of the little "hop toads" we used to catch at the shore after a rain. They were really small, but could they jump!

  3. I like Mike's friends. He has good taste.

  4. I see this as a win win situation. You get credit for being interested in what Mike was showing you but then you got to go back inside and do what you wanted to do.

  5. What a cute little critter!
    Years ago I found one of those guys in my driveway and called over the neighbor kids to show it to them.
    They said, "June. That's a tree frog." I felt like a dunce.

  6. Oh that Mike, what a trickster!! Glad you came out to see the little guy though!!


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