Thursday, September 27, 2012

Safe Trip


We had an uneventful trip south.  The traffic was light and the weather was good.  Still, it was a long trip and it is good to be at our Florida home.

After a good night’s sleep we took a walk on the beach and found it pretty chewed up from recent storms.  On the other hand, our lawn looks great—lush and green.  I did a bit of garden work, planting a small area and cleaning away some errant branches.  We will need to have the tree guy over sometime soon.  There is pruning to be done.  Remember the jacaranda tree we had cut down last spring?



It’s back!  There are branches shooting out all around the stump that was left.  I would say they are about ten feet high.  I see now that we will be playing battle of the tree for some time to come.  It has a definite will to be there.

It looks kind of pretty now, but it is so fast growing and so boundless in its growth that it is completely unsuited to the small yard here.


There are many large puddles and the ditches are filled with water all around town.  There was a flock of ducks in a nearby puddle.  Mike wondered, with all the ponds around, what was the attraction of a puddle.  My guess is no alligators or large snapping turtles to grab their little webbed feet.


We have had trouble again with the dishwasher.  Mike has ordered a new motor for it.  In the process of taking it apart we had a water leak so now we have someone coming to check out the insulation and water vapor underneath the kitchen.  Isn’t it always something?


Muffie said...

So glad you made it safely. It sounds as if much of your time will be spent with chores. I hope you get some time to relax!

Barb said...

That is one monster tree! I just had dishwasher trouble, too - had to get a new one.

Margaret said...

I'm glad you got there safely. Florida flora and fauna have a reputation for having a mind of their own, and it sure sounds like it is true. Apparently, Florida dishwashers have the same tendency.

Linda Reeder said...

The more houses, the more problems, I guess. Enjoy Florida.

marciamayo said...

Linda is correct. The more houses the more problems. I have 2 (very small) homes and it's difficult to keep everything going and to remember to pay for services for both.

fiftyodd said...

Enjoy your hols! HOpe you can finish the 1500 gigsaw in the time! Still working on my 5000 one...... Can't imagine practice-packing the car??? Where would your hubbie find the time? Is he an accountant?

Retired English Teacher said...

That was not a very nice welcome back that you received. I'm sorry for the new issues to take care of in your place, but I'm sure you will get that taken care of quickly and be enjoying the sunshine.