Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Day Ahead

We will be taking off for a month in Florida, leaving this coming Saturday.  This will be our first trip without having to pack every square inch of the car with clothes and other supplies. 

I have started some garden clean up and I will work on that during the week.  It is kind of interesting that so much is still growing and blooming though.  We have not had a frost.
DSCN0046The tomato plants want to reach to the roof.
DSCN0049Peppers are still going strong.DSCN0055There are even blooms on the pepper plant.  Talk about optimism!

All the annuals are looking pretty colorful amidst the faded perennials.
DSCN0045The green shoots are grape hyacinths.
the only perennial that has not completely given up, although the rudbeckia put up a valiant fight.

I am quite sure there will be some serious weeding to do once we get to Venice as well.  Last winter we concentrated on getting the house furnished and decorated inside.  This year I want to spend more effort on the outside, but it will be interesting to see how long months of neglect affected the plants already in the yard.  I am not especially fond of the cactus in the front of the FL house, but maybe that is what grows best there.  It will be a whole new learning curve.

DSCN0047The sage plant actually sputtered all summer and now it looks quite healthy.
DSCN0057The lambs’ ears that were dug up by dogs are recovering nicely.

There is no doubt that fall is on the way.  The field in back is filled with milkweed bursting open.DSCN0056

SO…I need to get outside and working this morning.  This afternoon, I am expecting a visit from Comcast.  Something is wrong with either my cable box or the remote.  I do remember the days when one had to actually get up out of a chair and cross the room to change the channel, but: a.) there were only two channels available back then and b.) not everything about the good old days was all that good.  This means that I will be waiting between 1 and 3 p.m. and, since this is an intermittent problem, I am sure it will work perfectly while the service guy is here.

This service call will cut into my volunteer time at the library, too.  There are a couple of projects I had hoped to clean up, but really that place is so busy lately that it is seemingly impossible to catch up.  Already one of my friends calls the library my second home and Mike keeps asking me why I retired if I wanted to work so much.  Maybe that is why I am looking forward to a month’s ‘vacation.’

Then it will be back to the library after supper for the writers’ group.

It will be a busy day and here I sit at the time sucking machine…must…pull myself…away.  Pinterest…nooooooooooooooooo…………….


  1. Olga, you continue to do more work in an hour than I do in several days. Just reading your post reminds me that maybe I need to take a nap.

  2. Wow can't believe your plants are still going so strong!

  3. Have a wonderful vacation, and thanks for the plant photos!

  4. Wow, you have a lot to accomplish before Florida!! I pulled all my plants as they weren't producing anymore. Tonight they're predicting a hard freeze. So I'm glad everything is cleaned up!

  5. We're still in the high 70',. low 80's here, and everything is burning up with no real rain since early July. Wild fires continue to make for smokey air. We are headed to the Oregon coast for a brief respite. It's way to early for much fall clean up here. Have a great time in Florida. I sounds like you will be back up north for at least part of the autumn.

  6. Computers are time suckers aren't they! It's surprising to hear that you could have had a frost already. We are still in the low 100’s here, so it’s hard to imagine it being cool enough for a frost anywhere :)

  7. Pinterest! You see why I don't join?

    Your pictures are wonderful. You never see milk weed here -- that is one I miss!


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