Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where’s My Inner Geek?

We bought a Roku, one of those little tiny boxes that lets you stream movies and shows to a television.

No need for a PC, it said on the box.  It connects directly to your high-speed internet wirelessly.  True, but for most of the items on the menu, you need to go on the computer and enter a code to activate.  This wasn’t a big problem, but it still struck me as a tad misleading.

It’s really easy, it said on the box.  plug it in, add it to the home network, and enjoy.  Well, I connected it to the TV set and plugged it in (easy).  I put the AAA batteries in (no problem).  Now we get to configuration of the network.  This little baby was designed to automatically detect wireless networks and then guide me right through the set up steps.  Yes! It detected my network and I selected it (so easy!  I am practically ready for my guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory!)

Not so fast.  Enter your network password, which is case sensitive.  That means having to go to that unnecessary PC and look up the password, which involves wandering about the desktop looking for the hidden list of passwords.  Enter it in that laborious press the arrows across the line of letters and numbers and clicking “ok” for each one.  I am not used to this and it takes a very long time.  I made mistakes and had to start over. Finally hit “connect.”

Nope,  “Cannot connect.”  Try lower case letters.  Nope.  Recheck the password.  It is correct, but still, “cannot connect.”

STEP 4: Complete Guided Setup—It’s the final stretch and hooray—it’s a breeze!  I quote directly there.  My perky little Hi! Let’s Get Started. booklet taunts me with it’s helpful assurances and mini pep talks about this experience bring out my inner geek.

Finally the on screen process politely suggests that I call support.  Fine.  I called.  The technician was friendly and spoke English extremely well.  I had to log onto my supposedly unnecessary computer.  (Honestly, who believes that a computer is not a necessity today?  That’s all I’m saying.)

I handed over control of my computer to someone half way around the world somewhere, and after 45 minutes or so (much of which involved me fumbling to enter my e-mail address and a password, with some swearing under my breath that the tech politely ignored after the first slip) I had a roku account.

The tech had me click on a Netflix movie to test it out.  Then I sat and watched the title just sit there.  “Something is not right.  This is taking too much time, I think.  Let me try…”

“Oh, wait,” I interrupted.  “I’ll bet I have to press start.  Yep, that worked.  Gee, thanks for all your help.”   Inner geek, indeed.  Geez.

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  1. OH honey I know just how you felt while dealing with this new toy.
    I can't hook up anything to anything and get it to work.
    It amazes me that I can blog. lol
    Hope you enjoy your new Roku. I will be waiting to hear more about it.
    Thanks for coming by and giving me the website of the lady that traveled around Vermont. I am anxious to check it out.
    Love ya

  2. I began having an anxiety attack just reading! Enjoy the movies (at last)!

  3. Silly computers! Can't live with them -- can't live without them that is for sure!

  4. I've heard about those Roku gadgets and wondered how well they worked. You'll have to keep us posted on how you like it.

    Glad you got it up and running! Enjoy!

  5. Olga, thanks for visiting Bailey's Cove. Feel welcome to come by anytime. The door is always open.

    As for your 'inner geek', I avoid dealing with those technological issues also. Right now there are several 'upgrades' ready to download and I'm ignoring them. Don't feel like spending the day on the phone with the geek squad.

  6. I am like Barb. I could feel the glands in my pit area spritzing away as I read.
    Am totally impressed that you hung in and accomplished the hook up. Phew.

  7. Congrats to you, O Techno Geek. I'll check it out to see if it's something we want. If so, my son will be called to install!

  8. Congrats. on a job well done! (I usually try to get someone else in the household take care of these things.)

  9. I spent three hours last week on a computer issue. I've heard about Roku, but after reading this I may just put it off for a while longer.

  10. Hate hate hate hooking up and learning to use new gadgets. Love love love using the gadgets that I am familiar with!

  11. That's so sad! I love gadgets, but our Internet has a download maximum per month. Such a pain for the money...

  12. Hooray! You figured it out. I'm hopeless at al that stuff.


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