Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day in Wallingford

I went to Wallingford on Sunday and took Amy, Kristen, and Dane out to lunch in celebration of Amy’s birthday.

Amy’s present from me was a framed poster I had taken from a 1930’s Grade Teacher magazine.  It showed an owl exhorting everyone to “USE GOOD ENGLISH.”  It may sound like a strange gift unless you know my daughter.

I also gave the kids little back to school goody bags.btspresents
These were filled with tissue packets, hand sanitizer, pencils, tape, white boards, book marks, and magnets for keeping track of important papers on the the fridge.  And of course some M&Ms just because chocolate never hurts.

We went out for a birthday lunch.  It was a gorgeous summer day.  I am not saying the grand kids are hyperactive, but it is good when we can get an outside table.Sal'sDane was turning on the charm.  “Has anyone noticed how beautiful my mom is in her new blouse?”

K. will be starting grade six this week.  D. starts full day kindergarten after Labor Day.  Time flies.


  1. "just because chocolate never hurts" - I couldn't agree more.

    Looks like it was a lovely outing for all of you!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun all around. Aren't daughters nice?

  3. There's nothing as pleasant as a good al fresco lunch!

  4. They are growing up fast. I hope they have a great year.

  5. What a fun way to make you daughter's birthday special. Those grands are really getting big!! I visualize them the ages they are on the side bar of your blog. Gotta update grandma!!! Enjoy this beautiful fall season.

  6. When I read your title, I was confused. We have a Wallingford here too, which is a "village" within the city of Seattle.
    What a lovely way to help the grands be geared up and emotionally ready to return to school. And no, chocolate never hurts.

  7. And M&ms are the best. They are my special weakness. Have you tried the ones with almonds.? So good.


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