Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching Up

We took a mini vacation and spent a few days in Jerusalem, Rhode Island, where Mike took maximum advantage of the fact that our brother-in-law finally (finally, after years of intense desire) has his own fishing boat.

I forgot my camera and I did not take a laptop.  Jerusalem is a somewhat quiet beach area.  If you think of Newport when you think of Rhode Island, it is nothing like that.  It is a cozy, grey-shingled cottages sitting on the bluffs and fresh seafood.  Lots of fresh seafood—none of it caught by Mike.

Unfair—he did catch some fish, but he threw them back.  He caught a black sea bass but they are not in season.

We went to Spain, a restaurant in Narragansett.  Let me tell you, if you ever are in Rhode Island, do not miss it.  Every detail of the service was attended to and the food was excellent.

Back at home, my sister went into the hospital for surgery yesterday, a hysterectomy.  I went for a brief visit last night.  Every thing went well and she is supposed to be sent home today for a two week recovery period.

I have to go deal with tomatoes.  There must have been rain while we were gone because the grass needs mowing again,  The weeds have enjoyed the holiday by the looks, and tomatoes have ripened.  Lots of tomatoes.


  1. Your mini-vacation sounds awesome... a quiet place by the water where you can fish. Sounds wonderful to me.

  2. Sounds like a great time! I loved our visits to RI -- such a lovely place. Lucky you with ripe tomatoes -- ours are just little green marbles!!

  3. Oh - wish I had the problem of vine ripe tomatoes! Sounds like a fun mini-vacation. Hope your Sis recuperates quickly.

  4. Spent a weekend on the south shore of RI once -- it was nice. And Block Island, too.

    I have exactly one tomato plant. But it's churning out tomatoes like crazy. Is it the rain?

  5. Your little get away sounds great. And ripe tomatoes? Wow! Not any where near ripe here.

  6. It sounds like your break was a great one. Who doesn't enjoy time with family, boating, fishing, and eating is wonderful restaurants? I hope your sis heals quickly. What all are you going to do with those tomatoes?

  7. I hope dealing with tomatoes means picking many of them. I

  8. Your little mini vacation sounds wonderful and you described the town beautifully. Someday I want to see the East coast!

  9. Sounds great that you really disconnected. I've been by there (always see the sign) but I don't think I've been on that particular beach.


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