Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy week in review

The past week was Vermont summer at its finest…well, at least if you like the heat and the sunshine.

Weeding the garden chores were fairly easy.  It has been dry and even the weeds are not growing quite as vigorously as usual.  Watering the tomatoes and the planters is of critical importance, though.  Mike takes care of that job when he swabs the deck each morning.

I have a few tomatoes almost ready to pick.  I also picked a bunch of lavender to hang for drying.  I do like to have a sprig at bedside.  Lavender is one of those smells you either love or hate, but I love it.
Lavender in vase

I spent about 8 hours doing library volunteer work spread out over the Monday-Wednesday-Friday open hours.  The advantage there—besides doing something useful in the community—is that the library is air conditioned.  This week, I covered many, many new books in plastic and entered them into the catalog system.  Our library is small, but it is very, very busy, especially during the summer.  Our single librarian organizes a tremendous summer reading program for kids.

Of course, I have to be crafting a bit each day.Card setSome cards.
Bird houseA painted bird house.
felted scrap2A little felted sweater to use up scraps.

I was a lady who lunches.  I went to a card party/birthday party with lunch served on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Mike and I took a ride through the Lake Champlain islands and stopped for lunch.  I wish I had remembered my camera.  On Thursday, I went to lunch with two friends and former colleagues from the middle school.  We had a great salad lunch in downtown Burlington—the new moon café—and a long catch-up talk.

I did some shopping.  Staples has started the ‘back to school’ sales.  I scored a pile of stuff. Cheap.
Staples scoreThese things will be part of the Advent baskets I make up for Kristen and Dane.  Christmas in July?

I also baked a pie.  Mike was really crabby when he saw the oven was turned on.  Later, he said, “Even though you turned on the oven, that pie looks really good.”  I said, “ Good.  Because I baked it for the library bake sale tomorrow.”  That fixed him…momentarily.  Then I told him I planned to eat the whole pie myself because he had been such a pill, but really, in the end, I shared.
Blueberry pie, hot from the even.hotpie

Kristen has camp for the next two weeks, but I will have Dane for “grandma camp” this coming week.  that will be fun…and another busy week ahead. 

I love summertime.


  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time this summer. Good for you. Personally I'm a winter gal & count the days until summer passes into fall.

  2. Olga, I took love the smell of Lavender. I have a bar of Lavender soap that we bought in Paris years ago. I won't use it, but open the box and smell it on occasion. Its very relaxing.

  3. Ahhh lavender -- love it! I, too, enjoy lunching, but I usually talk so much and eat so little, I end up with a doggy bag! Grandma camp sounds like fun.

  4. God loves all those who volunteer at a library!

  5. Aren't you smart to trade good deeds for free kilowats at the library.
    You convinced me. Next year I am planting lavender. I do love it in the bedroom for sure.

  6. Loved your chatty post. You have been busy.

    Like you I love lavender. I like the vase you put it in.

    You made me laugh about your response to your hubby about the pie. It looked very tasty.

  7. I love the description. Thanks!

  8. Wish I could have been at that bake sale! That pie does look yummy and I love blueberry!

  9. Sounds like a really nice week. I wish you bountiful tomatoes.

  10. Olga - I love that sweater! I could eat a piece of that pie, too!


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