Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

May is over.  That is hard to believe.  Who ever it was that pointed out that this time of life is long days and short years hit the nail on the head.

On today's news, I learned that May was record breaking warm for Vermont.  I have to say I did not really notice.  Also, I learned that the number of people using food stamps has gone up 400%.  That did not surprise me since I do the grocery shopping.  Still, I find it incredibly sad that so many cannot afford the basic necessities--food, shelter, adequate health care.  Our country used to be better than this, I think.

I won't even talk about the dream of future generations (like my grand children) being able to finish a college education, let alone find a job that that education would prepare them to take on.

If there is anything at all to that "attraction theory" stuff, we best get on using it more altruistically.  That is my opinion.

So, on a more cheery note--I have been following Linda Reeder and her posts on their trip through Vermont.  It is funny how much one can take for granted.  I have been concentrating on the pot holes in the road and missing out on the beauty in the mountains.  Her pictures have inspired me to make some day trips around my home state this summer.  I will still pay some heed to the pot holes, though, for the sake of keeping my car in one piece.

I planted annuals in my gardens today.  I think of that as kind of a lazy approach, but there is something to be said for instant gratification once in a while.  (I dreamed about weeds popping up in the garden last night--I needed a bit of gratification today.)


  1. Those flowers look so beautiful -- you should make greeting cards or notepaper with that picture! I loved visiting New England -- so charming everywhere we went.

  2. It is terrifying to think of how many people live on food stamps. It is even scarier how many children go without the food they need. Many of them survive on school breakfast and lunch programs which means from Friday at lunch until Monday's breakfast they go pretty hungry. School will be out here in 2 more weeks -- many kids don't look forward to it the way others do as it means a lot less food. Things have to get better.

  3. Love instant gratification. Getting too old to wait around.
    When I moved here I hoped that in time I wouldn't quit being awed by the beauty of the scenery. I guess it can happen. Glad you got an appreciation refresher from Linda.
    Enjoy your beautiful state.

  4. Can't wait to see your photos of VT - one of my favorite states. That window box really pops.

  5. I'm grateful for my life, that's for sure.


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