Monday, June 4, 2012

Strange Growth

dog damage 001
Just the other day I noticed two little mushroom-like fungi on this tree.  They grew quite rapidly.  I swear, first the rhubarb, now this.  Why is it that it is the things that I really don’t care about that seem to flourish in the yard?
I am hoping that I will get a few tomatoes this year.  For the past two, we have been hit by late season blight.  The woodchuck ate my beans and lettuce this year.  This year he ate my chervil.  Marauding dogs dug up my lambs’ ears and trampled my hosta and a lovely fern, not to mention the holes that need to be dealt with, plus damage to the shed.
Wilted rose
Condo living is looking better all the time.
Mike has used the new mower at least three times already.  I have not used it at all.  He is disappointed in the over all quality of materials and engineering of the new machine as compared to the 23 year old mower.  He sold that old one to a guy that is hoping to restore it.  It’s true, they just don’t make things like they used to.
Personally, I blame consumers over American manufacturers.  We demand cheap prices over quality.  Live better for less?  I think it is live with lots of broken and shoddy stuff for less.
I am feeling quite crabby tonight,


  1. Sometimes Crabby works. I feel bad about your garden. May be time for patio pots!! You are right, they don't make stuff like they used to. I guess its the way of the world. Cheer up, the sun will come out tomorrow!!

  2. On the bright side, there are those tomatoes to anticipate!

  3. We all have those crabby days. Sometimes I think mine are coming more often than not. lol
    I am trying to grow a few things too out here in pots. Hopefully nothing will get them. My lettuce came back from last year which I thought was odd but wonderful.
    Not sure if you have entered my giveaway but if not I hope you can.
    Novica sponsored a nice giveaway for me.

  4. Wow, that fungi is something else. Condo living is mighty good.

  5. I'm with you on the gardening issues, I can't seem to grow anything I actually want either. So I stomp in the house and look out the window at my potted plants, and found myself actually telling them to die already so I can quit watering them! I was having a crabby moment too.

  6. I know what you mean about gardening. At this point, I think that anything is a bonus. The critters love my work so!

  7. Having one's hope in the garden dashed can have a negative effect, Crabby makes perfect sense.
    And that we are getting too much cheap stuff is true too but the option to buy quality is still around. It costs more but it's out there..

  8. I agree that crabby is good,and I actually think it is a little thing called planned obsolescence. I blame everyone.


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