Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I am sending greetings from the land of continuous loss of internet connectivity.  I can maybe read and comment on two blogs before—POOF! No longer connected.

Needless to say, this gets quite tiresome.  I can read quite a number of posts before the shut down, so I have been concentrating on that.

I will call my tech guru sometime, but right now I know for a fact that he has bigger problems than mine, so I will be patient.


  1. I have very little patience with computer related problems. Good luck.

  2. In light of these problems, I am immensely pleased that you "Birthday Greetings"ed me. :-)

  3. Yikes, sure hope it is cured soon. Has to be frustrating. Computers do keep us humble.

  4. Our Internet is sporadic too - but we get the bill for the "service" quite reliably.


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