Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden and Knitting

misc.crafts 005

The peonies are in bloom and I managed to capture a few before they all fell to the ground.  They have a lovely, intense scent.

misc.crafts 004

Astible are almost ready to bloom.  Mine are a dark pink when they come out.  It seems as though they want to take over the garden and maybe even the yard.

misc.crafts 003

They have volunteered themselves all down the sidewalk.  I dug up two from this spot to give to my sister-in-law.  I like these plants because they have a nice, lacy kind of look to them.  Even though they have wandered a bit, they stand up straight, even in the rain.

misc.crafts 001 Both these cards are the same size in real life.Who me?

I am cranking on my creative side today.  A couple of birthdays are coming up.  I could go out and spend a couple bucks each for some cards, but I prefer to spend about six hours making my own.  I exaggerate.  These didn’t take nearly six hours to make.  And cards cost more than a couple of bucks these days.

knit 001

I have been knitting when my hand will let me.  This is going to be a pillow cover.  This is a fun pattern.  I am not even getting sick of it.


  1. Your cards truly are works of art! Well done!
    I don't know how you can bear to handle yarn in this weather, but good for you anyway. You're able to do lots of things that I can't.

  2. I did scrapbooking for a while but I'm enjoy needlework more. Needless to say those pretty cards won't be tossed in the stack with other cards but will instead be looked at again and again.

  3. I like your cards, and I'm sure people appreciate a created one rather than something off the rack. I know I do!!!

  4. Your cards are wonderful. I think friends really feel touched when someone makes them a card.

  5. I am so impressed by your cards. You are very creative.

  6. Homemade cards to replace all the lost sentiment from letters. These will be saved I am sure.

  7. I know I would love to get a home made card over store bought. Tabor is right, those will be saved.


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