Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Day

I really wonder what got into me today.  I woke up determined to clean the gutters on the back side of the house.  I dragged out hoses, cleaner, scrub brushes and ladders.  Yikes!  What a job.  It looks a lot better, but not perfect.  We shall see how long it will take for the little patched of green in the corner of the breezeway and garage to tip me over the edge enough to drag everything out again.  Actually, the front needs some attention, too, so it may not be so long.  Fortunately, I remembered that I had a really long pole that I could attach the scrub brush to so I spent very little time on a ladder.  That is a very good thing.

Of course, I managed to splash the windows, but they need a washing anyway.  Life is hard sometimes.

I was looking at Linda Reeder's garden pictures today.  Good grief, I feel worn out by the tending required by our yard and garden.  I was exhausted reading her blog.  (It is beautiful, by the way).

All the same, in the afternoon, I did the weed whacking while Mike mowed the lawn.  I also put in two hours covering new books with plastic and putting them in the on-line catalog for the library.
I was too pooped to make a salad for supper.  Literally, I opened the vegetable drawer and thought to myself, " I just cannot lift that head of lettuce out and carry it to the sink."  That's pretty bad.  I do think that I can manage to pour myself a wee glass of wine in a few minutes though.  Maybe unwrap one of those Lindor chocolates.  I hope I remember to brush my teeth before I flop into bed tonight.


  1. Oh, that day def. deserves a glass of vino! I love your photos :)

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway and thought you might be interested :)

  2. You have your priorities in the right places, wine and chocolate are the perfect wrap up to a day where you accomplished a lot!!!

  3. You accomplished much more than I did. I too am amazed by Linda's garden. How does she do it?

    I like your idea for dinner!

  4. Wow, WOTTA WOMAN! You are most definitely An Inspiration!
    And you EARNED your glass of wine and at least one Lindor chocolate.

  5. This does sound a little familiar, unfortunately. I have left the deck go green when I usually wash it in the spring. But I have had a spate of ankle illness that allowed me to be more cavalier this year. Maybe I will get to those windows one day again.

  6. My goodness. What did get into you?

  7. That's a lot of work! Luckily, we had screening put on our gutters several years ago - no more cleaning required. Glad you have enough energy to lift the wine bottle and unwrap the chocolates. Lettuce is way too heavy!

  8. Oh, I would work out in the garden for a week before I would tackle washing the gutters! I guess we all have our druthers.


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