Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Present


Mike and I have difficulty getting each other gifts.  Actually, he is completely impossible to buy a gift for.  I don’t think I am all that hard, but I do have to admit that for both of us this is true: if we want it we already have it.

Every once in a while, though, Mike really scores with a present and that makes him very happy.  I guess he was thinking he made such a score this year for my birthdayBirthday cake(Flag Day).

I also guess I ruined his surprise and his happiness.

I went shopping Tuesday afternoon and came home with a wireless mouse for my new computer and a flowered mouse pad.  They were purple.  I was in Staples to get some Avery labels and I saw them, had to have them.

When I came home, I showed them to Mike,quite pleased with my new acquisitions, actually.  He scowled and stomped down stairs to his office.  Some times he is just in a bad mood.  I didn’t really think too much of it, but in a minute he was back upstairs thrusting a packaged wireless mouse and a mouse pad at me.  “Happy Birthday!” he said.

Okay.  At that moment I had two identical mouse pads and two—not identical—but purple—wireless mice.  He was kind of mad because he thought he had gotten me a good gift and I beat him to it.

Well, he did give me a perfect gift.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  It shows that he knew what I would want and he knows my taste.  So what more can I ask for?



mouse 001


  1. Uh-oh.
    Y'gonna keep all of those things, or return the ones you bought?

  2. That is very of sweet of Art. Obviously, he is able to really know what you would like. Rule #1 - Don't buy yourself anything until after your birthday. ;)

  3. Oh, poor Mike. But at least it proves how well he knows you. Happy Birthday.

  4. Oh dear, I hate those moments. Compliment him a lot on how well he knows what you like.

  5. My husband and I gave up on giving gifts to each other a long time ago for birthdays. We just go get what we want for ourselves and let it go with a card only. We are perfectly happy with that.

  6. Retired English Teacher is right. Don't buy yourself anything right before your birthday unless the two of you buy it together. I can't blame your husband for being upset. I would be too.

  7. He obviously knows you quite well. Next year, put yourself on a buying break prior to your birthday so you can't one up him.
    This year just be content that it is never a bad thing to have a spare.
    Happy Birthday.

  8. Don't let those mice multiply!! You have enough problems with two. I guess you will have to wait until after your birthday, to make any purchases from now on. Oh, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Olga....We are celebrating Flag Boy's birthday tonight! Hope you have a great birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Olga! Have a great day.

  11. Aw I hate that happen but yet it proves he truly knows and loves you.
    Happy Birthday dear friend.
    I had forgotten your hubby worked in my field. Poor guy. lol


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