Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Celebration

I am happy to report that Mike got over his disappointment over the duplicate shopping trip for a birthday present and decided to congratulate himself for knowing exactly what I would want for myself. We celebrated my birthday by going out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant right here in Jericho, Vermont.

Mike ordered a beef filet after an appetizer of prosciutto wrapped asparagus with blue cheese. I ordered a duck breast in pastry that was served with mashed parsnips and broccolini. Our waiter suggested a Plungerhead zinfandel that worked beautifully with both meals. The meal was exquisite.

I don’t feel a day older either.


  1. I have a theory that after a certain year you start going for me.

  2. Well, it all sounds just heartily satisfying and enjoyable! I'm glad Mike's feelings healed . . . he DID do SO well!

    Not feeling older is pretty good! Wonder if it's the parsnips and broccolini?

  3. Good to hear all is peaceful again in Vermont.

  4. Well done! SOunds delicious!
    I like being older and wiser. That's the theory, anyway!
    Always surprises me when my kids know about stuff that is new to me!
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  5. Happy belated B-day, Olga! Which one is it? I only hope you're older than I am! I had to laugh about poor Mike's squelched b-day surprise. I think it's a gift that he actually knows you so well.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. Glad Mike's feeling better. The duplication was a sign that he really knows you. Nothing bad about that.

  7. Happy Birthday! I have to tell you I loved our four days in Vermont.

  8. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a nice evening together.
    One year, my husband gave me a gorgeous suit for my birthday. Three months later, he gave me the exact same suit for Christmas! We laughed a lot about that one. (After that he stayed with gift cards!)


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