Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vermont News

I related the story of the bomb of a birthday greeting. 
In my travels back from Florida, I guess I missed this little item of Vermont news, though.  My sister told me about it.

Early in April, there was a story she caught on the news about a man who had just climbed into his bed when he heard a ruckus outside his window.  Bears were investigating his bird feeders.  He went out to scare the bears away and rescue the bird feeders.  He chased away the bears while himself being bare (because that is how he goes to bed).  Since my sister had just heard the end of this evening news story, she did not realize that the naked man in question was the Governor of our fair state.

You know,  there are things I miss about Florida, but the nightly news is definitely not one of those things.  It seems like there is always a gang murder, an abduction, a child abuse case, or a racial incident in the news in Florida. It is kind of refreshing to have the news be about ill-advised birthday greeting and bare bear chasers.


  1. I prefer your news to California news, too.

  2. I love Vermont. Can't you vote to move it a few hundred miles south so the winters are not so long and cold?!

  3. Must be the warm weather states, we get the Phoenix news in Lake Havasu, and its either drug busts, murders, or fires. I'd rather hear the likes of the Vermont news better. Hope you had a grand Mother's Day!!

  4. It's true -- near big cities, all we hear about are murders, gangs, drugs. How refreshing to hear your kind of news -- funny, too!

  5. A naked governor chasing a bear is just too rich. I would love that to be a lead story also.

  6. Cute story, but Vermont ... early April ... naked in the night? Brrrr! But then you guys are the hardiest of hardy New Englanders!

  7. I remember reading about this in the national news. I bet the bear didn't know who he was, not did he care. Personally, I would never go outside like he did in the nude, but then I live in a suburban area.

  8. My friend Betty Boop, and her husband, who are from Vermont and own a Vermont maple syrup farm stay here in Tucson, Arizona where I live for the pleasant winter months from November to April. They rent their apartment all year, and keep their old Toyota car w/Vermont license plates here. Yes, that's all the "bad news" we get in Arizona, drugs, murders, bla, bla, bla. When Betty Boop left to go back to Vermont on April 30, my husband John and I felt like going with them. Do you know of Joey's Vermont Maple Farm? He is my husband, John's nephew. Happy Vermont days!
    Tucson, Arizona

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