Sunday, April 15, 2012


Uh-oh.  I just realized that the doctor's appointment I thought was in mid May is actually tomorrow at 1 p.m.
Darn!  I have not lost that pesky ten pounds my doctor has been harassing me about.  In fact, I think I may have put on a few pounds extra.  Lots of good food, specialty markets, restaurants, and such in Florida.  And one of the things I did not make a point of going out to get in the furnishing process--a scale.

Sure, I could reschedule the appointment, but I might as well admit that the extra time is not the issue.  Enjoying good food and an accompanying glass of wine is the issue.

I have noticed that every woman's magazine at the supermarket checkout touts a "NEW" diet miracle that will take pounds off practically over night.  The next week or month--a totally "BRAND NEW" miracle diet.  They all come down to eat less and exercise more.  Among my problems is the fact that as soon as I say the word "diet" to myself I feel inordinately hungry.  Why is that?

I try to avoid elastic waist bottoms.  They let you go far too long before getting the signal that clothes are getting too tight.

I have also found it helpful to develop a taste to expensive wine.  That way, I just can't afford to drink too much of it.

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  1. Oh how I can relate to this post my dear friend.
    I just posted a fat pic of me today and believe me I have been depressed since seeing it. haha
    Just pour us both a glass of that special wine you like and I will be right over.
    Love ya

  2. The mid-expensive wine does taste better than the cheapo stuff. I cannot drink that! I also think that a certain amount of waste weight is impossible to lose. No matter how much you diet and how much you exercise, at least form my experience. If I ever get the courage for surgery...I will let you know how that goes!

  3. I'm with you! Good, at least, that your doctor nags. I have clients with supreme health issues due to diet and lack of exercise.
    I, at least, exercise!
    Wine is my terrible addiction. That's why I spent 2 hours in the forest working today!

  4. I've been seeing those special diet articles on the newsstand for at least 30 years. Doesn't make you wonder why anyone is overweight?

    I can relate. My husband keeps he wants to find a doctor who doesn't weigh his/her patients. Wishful thinking...

  5. My number one goal is not to gain weight. I exercise and watch what I eat - but the travel and the good times and good food are too good to pass by!

  6. I too am in a desperate battle with 10 pounds. Good luck on your visit to the doctor. I hope I don't have to go anytime soon.

  7. I too am in a desperate battle with 10 pounds. Good luck on your visit to the doctor. I hope I don't have to go anytime soon.

  8. Maybe if you take the DR an expensive bottle of wine as a bribe, he won't weigh you. Don't forget to remove your shoes and coat before standing on the scales.

  9. Sometimes a little extra weight is like money in the bank incase you get a nasty dose of flu or something. That is what I tell myself.
    I am a boredom eater and while my company was here, I lost a pound a day. They should have stayed longer.

  10. I remember reading that Elizabeth Taylor came to the same piece of wisdom about elastic waists.

  11. I have been on a diet myself lately. It was a sad and difficult time. Now I'm on maintenance. Wish me luck.

  12. Hi, I've just given you the Liebster Blog Award...come on over to claim it! Hugs

  13. Oh, I feel your pain! Mine is more like 15 pounds of pain and I really have to get serious here soon! As for the wine, I found if I get red which I don't like as well, I don't drink as much of it!


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