Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Walk

It's early spring in Vermont and that means woodland wild flowers are in bloom.

These bluets don't look very blue here.

Pushing up through the forest mulch.

Spring beauty

Trout lily

Yellow violet

Hepatica with sharp=lobed leaves and

fuzzy stems

Now these flowers are very pretty, but i have no clue as to what they might be.  I've looked in two different wildflower books so far, but I have not been able to identify them.  Any body know?

They were along the road, not in the woods.  They could be escapees from some one's flower bed.


  1. I don't know them either but appreciate their determination. Perhaps they are volunteers.

  2. It's ssuch fun to see little spring flowers popping up here & there. It.s like the sun sparkling on precious jewels.

  3. They look like a Scilla siberica which is a bulb that blooms in the spring and favors shadier areas. They are probably an escape, but what a lovely find.

  4. I forgot to mention that yellow flower is a real find!!

  5. Oh, I love the little spring ephemerals! So lovely.
    I do think the blue ones are escapees. I think they are chionodoxa.

  6. Lucky you, we had snow this morning. My dad used to dig flowers out of the woods and plant them around the house. I move the wild flowers from various spots, to my Wild Wisconsin Flower Bed. Just rearranging the woods!

  7. I never saw a yellow violet before! I really miss the blue violets of Michigan but they just won't grow here...

  8. Very nice -- aren't you glad you're back from Florida to see all the pretty spring flowers!?!

  9. That. trout Lily is spectacular!


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